Sephora Rouge Spring 2021 Haul
So Many Fun Haul Treats

Sephora’s semi-annual discount has now come and gone, and I only (LOL) placed two orders to complete my Spring 2021 Sephora Rouge Haul. I’m…proud? I think? It’s always very hard to resist the temptation that is the 20% off Rouge discount. My second order arrived yesterday, so I got to work filming a haul video that you can watch below. Super duper thumbnail!  😛

Here’s a snapshot of all of the goodies in my spring haul:

Sephora Rouge Spring 2021 Haul

The Full Haul:

Let’s take a look at some of these treats individually, shall we?

Sharky Palette

I saved the Coach x Sephora Collection Sharky Eyeshadow Palette for last in my haul video, but for this post I’m starting with him…her…them? As I mentioned in the video, I’m actually not a Coach fan (neither the fashion label nor the Survivor player). Their accessories just aren’t my style. However, this palette is fucking adorable. My sister is a shark fan so I got her one for her birthday. I thought it was so cute that when I placed my second Rouge order I decided I wanted one for myself.

Coach x Sephora Collection Sharky Palette

I love the psychedelic packaging! Too cute. Let’s see what’s inside:

Coach x Sephora Collection Sharky Palette shades

I mean…it’s almost too cute to use. But I do like all of the colors except for Sienna. So I will actually get some use out of these eyeshadow.

Candle Time!

This Otherland Purple Petals Candle jumped out at me while I was browsing for my second order. (That order happened because I decided to treat myself after getting my second vaccine dose. Second dose, second Sephora order. Thanks, Moderna!) The scent is a combo of lilac, hyacinth, and lychee. I absolutely LOVE the scent of lilac and purple is my favorite color, so this was an immediate Add to Cart. You can see me take my first whiff of the candle near the end of my haul video, around the 10:45 mark. Spoiler alert: this candle smells AMAZING. This is my first Otherland candle but I’ll likely want to try more. And how cute is that purple jar? I’ll definitely reuse it once I’ve burned the candle.

Otherland Purple Petals Candle

Skin Care!

My skin care routine is currently lacking a vitamin C serum, so I picked out this Youth to the People 15% Vitamin C Clean Caffeine Energy Serum. I tried a sample of a YTTP cream years ago and didn’t fall in love with it. However, people rave about the brand on Skinstagram so I’ve been interested in giving it another shot. This serum has good reviews on Sephora, so I ordered this one (I was deciding between this and a Summer Fridays Vitamin C serum). “Clean caffeine” (it contains yerba mate and guayusa) sounds a little greenwash-y to me, but overall the ingredients sound interesting. I’m patch testing the serum and as long as I’m good to go I’ll start incorporating it into my morning routine.

Youth to the People 15% Vitamin C Serum

My hand eczema was so bad this winter, and it hasn’t fully gone away even though we’ve moved into spring. So I thought I’d try the Skinfix Eczema+ Hand Repair Cream. Skinstagram loves this brand too, so I figured why not also try their Barrier+ Lipid-Boost 360 Eye. I was going to order a backup of my Farmacy Dew It All Eye Cream, but it’s not available on at the moment. So we’ll see how this one compares once I empty my current jar of Dew It All.

SkinFix hand cream & eye cream

Luxe Lips

I don’t often splurge on lip products, though I do have a few Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks (which I LOVE). For this sale, though, I decided to go all in on my first Tom Ford Lip Color in the shade Pink Dusk. I ordered this shade because I saw someone using it on Instagram and thought it looked like it would be a good neutral pink for me. I’m a little disappointed because the lipstick appears to have tiny air bubbles on the top surface, which is not the quality you’d expect from such a pricey lipstick. Tiny imperfections aside, this lipstick is GORGEOUS:

Tom Ford Lip Color in Pink Dusk

These Dior Addict Lip Glows were the main point of my post-vaccine Treat Yo Self order:

Dior Addict Lip Glows

The top shade is Berry and the bottom shade is Rosewood. These lip products are “color reviver lip balms” that supposedly adjust to your own pH for a “custom glow.” So the shades will theoretically look different on everyone. I do love a “color changing” lip product, and these shades are beautiful. They’re sheer, and I’m a big fan of a sheer lip. Can’t wait to play around with these!

Dior Lip Glows in Berry & Rosewood

As far as the rest of the skin care products go, I discussed them in my haul video. So please do give it a watch if you’re interested in hearing why I picked those products out.

Did you order anything with your discount during the most recent Sephora event? Let me know in the comments!