Rent the Runway Black Halo Joaquin Jumpsuit
St. Louis Trip!

1. Rent the Runway: last week, I took my first flight in two-and-a-half years! I flew home to St. Louis to visit my parents and attend my 25th 26th high school reunion (which was postponed last year due to COVID). I rented this Black Halo Joaquin Jumpsuit to wear to a business casual reunion dinner at my Very Preppy high school. The piece worked out so well! This jumpsuit was totally appropriate attire for an event at a conservative place; it’s flattering but not overly dressy, showy, or sexy. I loved the bright blue color, which was more vibrant IRL than it appears on the website (the colors in their photos are never true to life). I wore the jumpsuit with flat sandals; the pants were a tad long, but not so long that the hem dragged. Also? Pockets! Love! (And both of my reunion events were a super fun time!)

Rent the Runway Black Halo Joaquin Jumpsuit

2. Mall Nostalgia: before the first of two high school reunion events, I went to my mom’s hair stylist (who started cutting my hair when I was three!) for a cut and styling. The salon is across the street from the mall I went to allllll the time when I was younger. I had forgotten to pack a strapless bra to wear with the jumpsuit, so I popped into Dillard’s (double masked…I’m still keeping my face covered) at the St. Louis Galleria after my hair appointment. I only went to the lingerie department, found what I needed, and left, so I didn’t linger. Someday I’ll be able to return and spend more time there, but it was fun to have a moment of nostalgia.

St. Louis Galleria

3. Dashing Diva Glaze Gel Nail Strips: I tried these for the first time for my reunion, and they worked out really well! I got the pattern called It Takes Two and used the free LED lamp that was included with my order to cure the strips. The gel strips take a little more work than traditional nail decals, but it wasn’t an overly burdensome process. I’ve never gotten any sort of salon gel manicure so I have no idea how these strips compare, but I’ve had them on for a week now and they’re still going strong. A couple of them are starting to separate a bit from my nails so I’ll probably remove them in another day or two. But I got a couple compliments on them, and I would totally try other patterns in the future!

Dashing Diva Glaze Gel Nail Strips

4. Laumeier Art Fair: on Mother’s Day, we went to this art fair with my parents at Laumeier Sculpture Park. I’ve been to this art fair in the past and it’s always pretty cool. John and I ended up buying this freaking adorable little octopus Face Pot from an artist named Ricky from Luna Parc in New Jersey. His work is very fun and whimsical; he throws a pot on a pottery wheel and then turns it into whatever face he thinks works with the shape. The inside of this pot is glazed, so we can use it as a bud vase. I also got a cute Halloween kirigami card from another vendor.

Octopus Pot

5. STL Sunrise: we flew out of St. Louis very early on Monday, and the sun was rising as the plane took off. I managed to snap this shot of the bright reddish-orange sun from the airplane. Until next time, St. Louis!

Sunrise view from the plane