CP x ACNH Collab
An Adorable ColourPop Collab

As soon as I heard that ColourPop was launching an Animal Crossing: New Horizons makeup collab, I wanted to try to buy at least a couple items. I played SO MUCH ACNH last year—during the pandemic, it became a huge part of my life. Daily check-ins in on my island, decorating the place, completing tasks, chatting with cute villagers, collecting items…it’s very much my kind of game.

CP x ACNH Collab

To be perfectly honest, though, when ColourPop revealed the collection, I didn’t feel super pumped about it. The shade aren’t all that exciting, and I would have preferred to see one large eyeshadow palette inspired by some of the popular villagers rather than four mini palettes featuring utility characters like Tom Nook, Isabelle, and the Able Sisters. I still decided to get a few things and didn’t have any trouble buying them right at the appointed launch time. ColourPop sold out of most of the products, but I’m sure they’ll restock, as they usually do.

My order arrived on Friday and the packaging did not disappoint! ColourPop always nails it with their designs.

CP Animal Crossing Haul
The Super Shock arrived broken 🙁
Nook, Inc. Eyeshadow Palette

I don’t hold any particular fondness for the bell-hungry Nooks, but I think this minty palette ($12) is really cute. That dark teal shade, Water Landing, is the one that truly sold this palette for me.

Nook, Inc Eyeshadow Palette

Here’s a closer look:

Nook, Inc eyeshadow colors

The palettes are teeny tiny! For size comparison, here’s Nook, Inc. next to The Child, which is a 9-pan palette:

The Child vs Nook, Inc

Here are swatches of the shades. From top to bottom: Yes…Yes!, Made in the Shade, CEO, Water Landing. CEO is a pressed glitter that isn’t meant to be used in the immediate eye area…le sigh.

Nook, Inc swatches

What a Hoot Eyeshadow Palette

I also ordered this cute palette ($12) of warm brown shades featuring Blathers, Hater of Insects (I feel ya, buddy) and Celeste, Bringer of Shooting Stars:

What a Hoot Eyeshadow Palette

A closer look:

What a Hoot palette shades

Swatch time!: From top to bottom: Meteor Shower, Celestial, All Aflutter, WHO! Meteor Shower is another pressed glitter not intended for use in the immediate eye area. Blerg.

What a Hoot eyeshadow swatches

The Super Shock Shadow

I LOVE Super Shock Shadows but they don’t always travel well. Unfortunately, my Balloon Pop Super Shock ($7) arrived broken. How cute is that gift box, though?! Perfect.

Balloon Pop Super Shock Shadow

I contacted customer service and will hopefully get a replacement or a refund. This product sold out, so I imagine they’ll refund me. The shadow is still usable, at least, and it’s a really pretty shade described as “icy peachy pink with hot pink and icy silver pinpoints.”

Fruit Basket Just a Tint Mini Duo

I love a lip tint; often I prefer the look over a traditional lipstick. So I wanted to try this cute duo ($12), which contains a mini Juicy Apple and Cherry Cherry! These tints are scented with their corresponding fruits, and they smell delicious.

Fruit Basket Just a Tint Mini Duo

Below are swatches, from top to bottom, of Balloon Pop, Juicy Apple, and Cherry Cherry!

Balloon Pop & Lip Tint Swatches

I haven’t actually tried any of these products just yet, but ColourPop is usually really solid in terms of quality and performance. One frustrating thing about CP is that they continue to put pressed glitters in their eyeshadow palettes and basically put a warning on them that’s like “use at your own risk.” I’m afraid to put the pressed glitters anywhere near my eyes because I don’t want glitter chunks to scratch my eyeballs!

I can’t wait to give these a go and see what kind of looks I can create.

Did you order anything from this ColourPop x Animal Crossing collab? Let me know in the comments!