The Boys Season Two
The Boys and…more Fall Stuff

1. The Boys Season Two: I loved the first season of this Amazon original, but I actually loved season two even more! The new character Stormfront, deliciously played by Aya Cash, is an intense addition to an already stellar lineup. And she’s such a great foil for Homelander, played with psychotic fervor by Antony Starr. The hyper-relevant storyline of this season is at times infuriating and uncomfortable. I’m curious where they’ll take the Scientology Church of the Collective storyline moving forward. Jensen Ackles of Supernatural fame is joining season three, and I CANNOT WAIT.

The Boys Season Two

2. Animal Crossing Fall Update: I fell off of this game for awhile, but you better believe I picked it back up again when they dropped their fall update at the end of September! I’ve been decorating my island for Halloween like a maniac. And it’s been so much fun.

Animal Crossing

3. Political Jack-o-Lanterns: I’ve really been enjoying my morning walks lately; there are so many fun Halloween decorations to spot around the neighborhood. I especially appreciated the carved pumpkins on this stoop. They truly nailed the Joe pumpkin.


4. Cute Stoop: I really loved this well-maintained stoop’s Halloween decorations, particularly the double black feather wreaths on the front doors!

Halloween stoop

5. Foggy Capitol: on both Wednesday and Thursday morning it was SUPER foggy in DC. When I took my morning walks I wandered over to the Capitol Building and on Thursday you could barely even see the top of it. Very eerie, and hopefully not a bad omen for the election outcome.

Foggy Capitol Building