Juvia's Place mini haul
My First Few Juvia’s Products

Juvia’s Place is a brand that’s been all over Instagram makeup accounts for quite some time now. The makeup has been on my to-try list because I always see beauty lovers rave about their colorful eyeshadow palettes.

Juvia's Place mini haul
Two palettes, two lip products

Juvia’s Place was founded in 2016 by a Nigerian-born woman, Chichi Eburu, who created the brand because she had difficulty finding products that worked on her skin tone. Historically, most makeup brands have designed their products (especially complexion makeup) with white skin as the default consumer. And, let’s be honest: many brands still lack inclusivity even in 2021. Juvia’s is designed with dark-skinned complexions in mind, but the products are meant to work on a wide variety of skin tones.

I was interested in trying Juvia’s eyeshadow palettes but many of them are warm-toned or very bold, neither of which is my jam…I mostly reach for neutrals. During a recent 50% off sale on the brand’s website, though, I found a couple palettes containing shades I thought I’d use. So I ordered them, along with two lip products!

The Magic Mini Palette

The first item I added to my cart was The Magic Mini Palette ($30 regular // $15 sale). Hello, gorgeous:

The Magic Mini Palette

This moon-and-sun-inspired palette contains 16 eyeshadows in a mix of mattes, shimmers, warm, and cool tones. Though I don’t love warm tones or pinks and reds on my eyes, I thought there were enough cool tones to make this palette worth trying.

I literally have no other palettes quite like this one. It has such a beautiful array of colors! I thought these bold shades would encourage me to step outside my neutral comfort zone.

Juvia's Place Magic Mini Palette

Those bottom two rows of jewel-toned shadows are seriously drool-worthy.

Okay, let’s see some swatches! From top to bottom, here are the “sun” shades: Nubia, Zakiya, Osun, Kesi, Zuba, Nana, Boronu, Kogi.

Magic Mini swatches rows 1 & 2

And here are the “moon” swatches, from top to bottom: Faso, Aja, Vai, Yemoja, Ife, Yara, Buzo, Yejide.

Magic Mini swatches rows 3 & 4

As you can see, the mattes swatched a little patchy. I haven’t played with every single shade on my eyes yet, but the shimmers I’ve tried so far blend like a dream. Keep scrolling for pics of a couple eye looks I created using this palette. I need to play around with this palette more! I just haven’t been wearing makeup a ton lately.

The Violets Palette

Purple is my favorite color and it looks good on brown eyes, so I had to get The Violets Palette ($14 regular // $7 sale). These palettes have such beautiful packaging:

The Violets

More gorgeousness:

The Violets eyeshadows

These shades aren’t named, but below are swatches. From the top down on my arm, I started on the top left of the palette, went across the top row, then moved to the bottom left and moved right across the bottom row.

The Violets swatches

Again, the mattes are pretty patchy, but they blend in well with the shimmers. I used this palette for a Zoom with friends the Saturday after Inauguration Day, because purple was a popular color with many women at the historic proceedings. Scroll down to see the look I created in their honor.

The Lip Products

I also decided to get The Nude Velvety Matte Lipstick in the shade #2020 ($14 regular // $7 sale). This shade is described as a light brown mauvey nude. It’s a tad on the warm side for my taste, but still looks pretty good on me. Scroll for a swatch and a shot of me wearing the lipstick with a green eye look.

Matte Lipstick (2020)

The formula is a comfortable matte that doesn’t feel too drying. The lipstick tip is shaped with a curve to hug the lips as you apply. It’s full coverage and lasts well!

I also picked out a Luxe Lip Liner in Scorpio ($10 regular // $5 sale). This doesn’t seem to be available individually anymore, but it’s included in the Luxe Lip Liner Bundle ($60). Scorpio is described as “a darkened plum,” which is spot on.

Lip liner (Scorpio)

Here are the lip product swatches:

Lip swatches

And below is a selfie of me wearing Scorpio as lipstick. Can I just say how much I LOOOOVE this shade?!

Scorpio lip liner
Scorpio Lip Liner

Below are a few looks I’ve done using the palettes. The bottom right shot was a neon graphic look inspired by Jules from Euphoria, which we began watching recently. Her makeup looks are super fun and The Magic Mini palette has so many good colors for creating a graphic eye!

3 Juvia's Place eye looks
L: Magic Mini greens + #2020 lip. Top R: The Violets. Bottom R: Magic Mini experimentation.

Overall I’m very pleased with my purchases and look forward to trying more Juvia’s Place makeup in the future. In addition to juviasplace.com, the brand is available at Ulta!

Have you tried Juvia’s Place yet?