I have a growing list of blog posts that I want to write and I will get to them, but today I wanted to share something I just heard about this morning: Wands for Wildlife!

Image credit: appalachianwild.org

The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge is asking people to mail old mascara wands to them so they can use the wands to brush rescued wild animals. They say that the bristles on these wands are ideal for removing fly eggs and larva from the animals’ fur. It’s pretty adorable to watch the brushing in action:

The refuge asks that you wash your wands in soapy water to remove residual mascara before mailing them. (They also sanitize the wands before actually using them on the animals.) Then you can mail your wands to the following address:

Appalachian Wildlife Refuge

P.O. Box 1211

Skyland, NC 28776

I will definitely start saving up my wands so I can send them a few at a time! It’s a nice way to help animals out while repurposing something that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Read more about the wildlife rescue group here.