Kosas & YTTP Minis
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Beauty Minis + Some Things I’ve Eaten Lately

1. Kosas Everyday MPVs Clean Start Set: I ordered this cute set last month…the Kosas IG ads got me. 😛  I’ve really been enjoying the Kosas clear Air Brow [affiliate link], and wanted to try their Lip Fuel [affiliate link]. Ordering this set seemed like a no-brainer, especially since they threw in a free Youth to the People Daily Skin Health Youth Stack (I added a tinted Air Brow to my order and hit the minimum needed for the free gift). So far, the Lip Fuel does not disappoint! I’m liking the Lip Oil [affiliate link] as well but have yet to dive into the other products. I do hear good things about Kosas in general, though.

Kosas & YTTP Minis

2. Strawberry Cream Cheese Croissant: an amazing bakery sets up shop at our local farmers’ market on weekends. John picked up this croissant for me recently, and not only was it absolutely gorgeous (as all their treats are), it tasted incredible. I think this might be my new favorite offering from them!

Strawberry cream cheese croissant

3. Sri Lankan Coconut Dal with Kale & Pita: I made this dish last week using a Marley Spoon meal kit, and it was so good! The yogurt was the perfect tangy accompaniment to the earthy dal. The whole wheat pita they sent for dipping was so soft, and the kale broiled up nice and crunchy. I would totally make this dish again on my own.

Sri Lankan Dal - Marley Spoon

4. Crème Brûlée Doughnut: a friend of a friend recently moved in about a block away from us, and last week she ended up buying more doughnuts than she needed. So she brought a couple over for John and I, which was so sweet. Literally! She got them from District Doughnut, which I somehow don’t think I’ve tried, even after living in DC for almost five years. I savored this brûlée-topped, crème-filled concoction and I am still thinking about it. *Drooling*

Crème Brûlée Doughnut

5. Jettie’s: we kept talking about ordering sandwiches in from this place…so last weekend, we finally made it happen. This was my first time trying Jettie’s, though John had had it before. They currently only have two vegetarian sandwiches on the menu, so I do wish they’d expand their non-meat offerings. But I got their Fall Burrata Sandwich, which came on whole grain bread with the aforementioned burrata, butternut squash, arugula, and a pistachio and sundried tomato pesto. I added a side of coleslaw, which was perfectly creamy and sweet. The sandwich was good, but the burrata (a wet cheese) soaked into the bread and made it a tad gummy. As with all food, I’m sure it’s best when it’s been freshly made. And I do want to try Jettie’s again.

Jettie's Butternut Squash & Burrata Sandwich