Spring is finally in full swing here in Brooklyn (took ya long enough, Mother Nature!), and my May Stitch Fix arrived last Friday to help outfit me for the warmer weather. My Fix was scheduled for May 17th, but it didn’t even ship until the 18th. They used to ship my Fixes so that I would receive them on or even sometimes before the scheduled date, but more recently they’ve been shipping them later. I asked them about this on Twitter and the response was a canned “The scheduled date is your estimated delivery date.” Maybe they just have so many subscribers now that they can’t keep up with them, which is a good problem for the company to have.

Anyway, here’s a peek at my fourteenth Fix: a nice variety of colors, patterns, and textures!


You might be wondering what Stitch Fix is. In a nutshell, it’s a subscription-based fashion box where a stylist selects five items based on your style preferences and mails them to you. Then you get to try the pieces on and decide which ones to keep! I have a more detailed description of the service at the bottom of this post if you’re interested in learning more and signing up to Get Fixed (not in the way that cats and dogs get fixed, haha).  🙂

My styling cards for May showed that Lucy was my stylist again, which I was happy to see because in the past she’s done well picking out items that fit my style. In her note to me this month she mentioned that she sent me two items that I had pinned, so I was excited to see those pieces in my Fix!

IMG_7272 (1)

Just a quick note before I start my little fashion show: I usually end up trying the clothes on during the day when my husband isn’t around so I have to use a tripod, but we were out of town on Friday and Saturday so I didn’t get to try anything on until Sunday. Because my husband was home I enlisted him to photograph me, so he gets the credit for all of the photos of me this month. Thanks, honey! 🙂

Okay, let’s get to it! The first piece I tried on was the Papermoon Makai Halter Swing Knit Tank Top ($48), one of the items I had pinned. I’m a sucker for floral prints, especially in the spring and summer, and this top was spot on for me. It’s swingy and lightweight and will definitely get plenty of wear! I styled it with a pair of gray Banana Republic skinnies and New Balance sneakers. I think this top would look great with most types of blue jeans or shorts as well.

Papermoon Makai Halter Swing Knit Tank Top | Stitch Fix

The semi-halter style back gives the top a little something extra:

Papermoon Makai Halter Swing Knit Tank Top back detail | Stitch Fix

The top is a bit similar to a Forever 21 tank that I bought years ago, but that thing is pretty old and the pattern plus the halter make this top different enough for me. The verdict on this top is KEPT!

The next item I tried on is the Le Lis Lavania Lace Knit Top ($48). I do love lace—it feels polished but it also doesn’t have to be relegated to special occasions. This navy top is the perfect example of an “everyday lace” piece that I could wear out to drinks with friends without feeling overdressed:

Le Lis Lavania Lace Knit Top | Stitch Fix

I didn’t love the boxy shape of this top on me—I prefer something a little more fitted. I did like the back of the shirt, though; the partial lace back makes it feel like even more of a casual-but-fun top:

Le Lis Lavania Lace Knit Top back detail | Stitch Fix
Pardon my gray hairs…yikes.

I found that the top looked much better worn with a half-tuck in the front:

Le Lis Lavania Lace Knit Top | Stitch Fix

I liked this top enough to seriously consider keeping it, but the boxy shape and the dark color were the deciding factors for me. Seeing as how we’re starting to get into the warmer months I wish this top had been a lighter or brighter, more summer-friendly color than navy. I love all shades of blue, but I wouldn’t particularly want to wear this dark color out and about in the dog days of summer. So, while this top was cute and very much “me,” the verdict is RETURNED.

The third item I tried on was the 41Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse ($48). 41Hawthorn is a Stitch Fix “house brand” made exclusively for the company. I was in love with the kelly green color of this blouse; the hue is not accurately depicted in the below photo, which makes it appear more yellow than it really is. When I first put this blouse on it had MAJOR static and clung to me like it was painted on. I didn’t have any static guard or dryer sheets to help get rid of the static cling, but my husband suggested I put a tank top on underneath it and that definitely helped. Smart guy, that one. 🙂 I left the gray skinnies and sneakers on with this blouse, but it would look great with any number of pants and shoe combinations.

41Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse | Stitch Fix

Unfortunately, as with a few other Stitch Fix items I’ve been sent, this blouse had a bunch of loose threads on it:

Blouse threads
The color here is much more accurate.

Also, I already have two blouses that are basically the same as this one and I didn’t particularly need a third, especially going into summer when I won’t want to wear anything with sleeves this long. So while I loved the color and the style was also totally spot on for me, the not-great quality of the stitching and the fact that I didn’t need another blouse like this means that the verdict is RETURNED. Had I wanted to keep it I would have emailed customer service to see if they could send me a replacement of better quality.

Next up is a fun little piece: the RD Style Bryanna Knit Romper ($68). I have one romper that I bought last year and am interested in adding more to my wardrobe, so I was excited to see that Lucy sent me one without my even asking. I decided to style the romper with flat Greek-ish sandals and the Soko Safford Bar and Chain Necklace that I kept from Stitch Fix last August.

RD Style Bryanna Knit Romper | Stitch Fix

I was a little on the fence with the romper. It does look very cute on (my husband liked it on me too) but the waistband was really thick and sort of made me feel like I was wearing an adult diaper…which no one wants. I have a long torso, so in order for the waistband to sit in the right spot I had to pull the romper up, but then it was REALLY short, especially in the back. Short to the point of when I bent over it was like, “here are my butt cheeks, let me show you them.”  The color was also an issue again: I wouldn’t want to wear what basically amounts to black while running around in the disgusting city summer, feeling like I was wearing a diaper. Talk about swamp ass. So, even though I was thrilled to get a romper to try on (and it had pockets!), this one didn’t quite work for me and the verdict is RETURNED.

But hold on! Lest you think this is a bummer of a Stitch Fix review, it’s about to take a turn, for the next and last piece I tried on is quite possibly my favorite Stitch Fix item of all fourteen of my Fixes. I’m talking about the Gilli Mitchel Knit Maxi Dress ($78). This maxi is the second piece included in this fix that I had pinned, and I’m so grateful that Lucy picked it out for me. I had seen this dress on Living in Yellow (a great blog that I recommend following for her Stitch Fix reviews) and hoped that I’d get it. The stripe pattern is a little different than the one that Living in Yellow received, but the style is the same. The second I put this maxi on I felt like it was made for me:

Gilli Mitchel Knit Maxi Dress | Stitch Fix

I am in love with the back detail on this dress. It has not one but two interesting features: a criss cross design AND a cutout. I know the cutout trend has been in effect for quite a while, but I didn’t have any cutout dresses until now.


The dress material is super soft and flowy while also being clingy in all the right places. Plus, the stripe pattern gives my straight-and-narrow body the illusion of curves—MAJOR bonus! Stripes are totally my jam, too, so literally everything about this maxi dress just nailed it for me. This is going to be the perfect summer dress. I love that it can be dressed up with jewelry for a cocktail party but it can also be worn casually for a picnic in the park. The verdict? HELL YEAH, KEPT!

So for the two pieces that I kept I spent a total of $106 (after the $20 styling fee deduction). Had I kept all five items they would have cost me $197.50 with the 25% off “purchase all” discount. I did like all of the pieces in this Fix enough to at least consider keeping all of them, but I’m trying to be more judicious with my spending and really think about how much I’ll actually wear a given item. I’ve received enough Stitch Fixes by now to know that I’ve kept pieces in the past that I’ve ended up only wearing a couple times because I wasn’t really that into them to begin with. I’m trying to make it a point to only buy pieces that I truly love and will get plenty of wear out of. This Fix basically came down to spending a little more than $100 for two pieces that I loved versus shelling out about twice that for three extra pieces that I may or may not wear that much.

One last semi-administrative note: I had been signed up to get a Fix every other month, but I’ve decided to switch my subscription to once every three months. I hardly ever shop for clothes outside of Stitch Fix anymore, which is great for them, but I would still like to shop a little at other places too. I can’t really justify doing that, money-wise, when I’m potentially going to spend up to $200 or so every other month on Stitch Fix. So I’m pulling back on the frequency of my fixes, but that means the anticipation will be so much more fun each time the appointed date rolls around!

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What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix assigns a personal stylist to hand pick five items for you, including clothing, accessories, and shoes—and ships them right to your front door.

How does Stitch Fix work?

Sign up at Stitch Fix and complete a style profile by answering questions about your clothing and shoe sizes, what sort of styles you like, colors you love or hate, styles you never want to see in a Fix, and more. You can even specify a price range you’re willing to spend per piece. The style profile is pretty comprehensive, and they encourage you to include a link to your Pinterest style board (here’s mine) to help guide your stylist. You can request specific items via your Pinterest board or by leaving a note for your stylist on the Stitch Fix website, though there’s no guarantee you’ll get them.

Then you schedule a Fix. You can get a Fix as often as you’d like: monthly, every other month, for an upcoming special occasion, etc. When the appointed date arrives, you get a box filled with five items picked just for you by your stylist, along with a note from your stylist and cards with styling ideas for each piece. You get to try on each piece and decide whether you want to keep it or send it back. If you keep any items (even just one), they’ll deduct a $20 styling fee from the total cost. Even better? If you keep all five items, you get a 25% discount on everything! You only pay the $20 styling fee if you send everything back. What happens if you don’t like some of the items? Stitch Fix makes it very easy for you to return whatever you don’t want to keep. Each Fix includes a pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope so you can seal the return pieces inside it, then drop it in any USPS mail box within three business days. Schedule your first Fix today!