Yesterday was not the best day ever, because 1) I had my first MRE—magnetic resonance enterography, basically an MRI on your gut—and 2) we found out we don’t have the option to renew our lease and we have to be out of our apartment by June 30…wah-wah. I actually started to have a meltdown, but then remembered Lucille Bluth’s words of wisdom:

I was required to fast before my MRE, so I wouldn’t be able to drink water to replace my tears. Thanks, Lucille, for saving me from dehydration and extra misery!

What’s the point of all this? Well, after the stress leading up to the MRE and the stress of getting back to Park Slope from E. 99th Street during rush hour without any bathroom incidents (sorry for the TMI), I had a Stitch Fix box waiting for me. HOORAY!

I really wasn’t up to trying on the clothes last night, because the barium I drank prior to the procedure made me feel pretty icky, but I got up bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to do a fashion show…for myself.  🙂 I even put some makeup on so as not to scare my blog readers with legit #wokeuplikethis face. Because I was photographing myself using a tripod, I took photos in my apartment instead of the street style photos you see on other blogs. So, apologies for the not-too-great pics! I’d feel super awkward walking cheerfully down the street with a latte or something while being photographed; I’ll probably stick with indoor photos for awhile. If you want to see a larger version of any photo, just click on it.

So, wanna see what I got in my Fix?

IMG_4922My styling cards:

IMG_4945First up is the Pixley Rachel Maxi Dress ($78). I had requested a maxi dress in a stripe or chevron print, and my stylist Yodassa—who also styled my last fix, the first in which I kept all five items—did deliver! My first thought, however, was “ugh….pink.” I actually have pink checked off in my style profile as one of the colors I’d like to avoid. But then I looked closer and noticed that the dress’s pattern incorporated purple (you can see it best in the box pic above). Purple is my favorite color, so I reconsidered. I had in fact put on a bright pink lipstick (Bite Beauty Lipstick in Palomino) for this photo shoot, so I must not hate pink all that much. With all that said, here’s the dress:

Pixley Rachel Maxi Dress - Stitch FixPretty perfect for summer, right? I have a wedding in Oregon coming up in June and I think this will be the ideal thing to wear for the festivities the night before the wedding (I’m getting a Rent the Runway dress for the wedding itself, so expect to see a blog post on that too!). The verdict on this dress? SOLD!

Next up? The Bay to Baubles Lance Carved Leaf Earrings ($28).

Bay to Baubles Lance Carved Leaf Earrings - Stitch FixI’ve only received one piece of jewelry in a fix before: a bracelet that was too big on my wrist and it was WAY overpriced (like $85 or something). While it was cute, there was no way I was keeping it. My first thought upon seeing these earrings was, “These are cute, but not $28 cute.” Most of my jewelry comes from H&M or Forever21, so I’m not accustomed to spending more than $10 on baubles. But I put the earrings on for the photo shoot this morning and began to reconsider. $28 isn’t that much for a pair of earrings, and these might not tarnish or fade as quickly as the ones from the fast fashion chains. And I realized that if I decided to keep all five items these would only be $21 after the 25% discount. SOLD!

My next piece is the Market & Spruce Jillian Crochet Detail Tank ($48). I took photos of the front and back of this one, because the back has nice details. I styled this tank with my Banana Republic skinnies and a sort of ill-fitting strapless bra, the only one I own:

Market & Spruce Jillian Crochet Detail Tank - Stitch FixImagine the back without the tag hanging down…

Market & Spruce Jillian Crochet Detail Tank back detail - Stitch Fix I love the crochet racerback on this top and it’ll make for a great summer piece that goes with jeans, shorts, skirts, whatever. I like that’s it’s more than just a plain old tank top—I already have too many of those. SOLD!

Next up is the Pixley Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt ($58). When I took it out of the box, I thought, “This looks familiar.” My stylist said it was inspired my by love of the Karissa chevron henley tank, which I got in my first-ever Fix. For comparison, here’s the Karissa tank:

IMG_4572 (1)And here’s the Pixley henley, styled with a pair of H&M cutoffs and very pale legs:

Pixley Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt - Stitch FixI do love the fit and feel of this top. The pattern is verrrrry similar to the tank; the main difference is that this top’s pattern has pink in it (that color again). It’s hard to see the pink in the above photo, but you can see it well in my first photo of all the items in this month’s box.

My thought process with this top went like so: “Hmmm…I already have a top with basically the same print…longish sleeves…NYC summer…I’m never gonna wear that.” But then I remembered that Oregon wedding, where a shirt with longer sleeves might come in handy at night. And we’re going to San Diego Comic-Con again in July, where it can definitely get chilly late in the day. The convention hall rooms also tend to get cold. So I can already think of at least a few occasions in which I can wear the top this summer and then on into the fall. SOLD!

The last item in the box is one I was really on the fence about until I tried it on: the Daniel Rainn Tolley Crochet Panel Top ($68). It looks very bohemian, like an “I go to music festivals and wear flower crowns and paint my face with butterflies” kind of style. That’s not me in the slightest. But I tried it on anyway, with my BR skinnies again, and to my surprise, I liked it!

Daniel Rainn Tolley Crochet Panel Top - Stitch FixHere’s a photo that better shows off the pattern and the crochet detail (background paintings by my talented husband):

Daniel Rainn Tolley Crochet Panel Top - Stitch FixCute, right? It’s paisley-ish, which I’m not generally into, but it’s also kind of flowery, which I am very into. I was realizing the other day that I don’t have many good summery tops that aren’t just tank tops or t-shirts, so this will be a solid addition to my wardrobe. The verdict? SOLD! Just don’t think you’ll suddenly find me dancing around barefoot with a flower crown on my head at Bonnaroo, or whatever it is the kids do in the summer these days. GET OFF MY LAWN!  😛

Time for one last photo: a better shot of the earrings from this fix:

Bay to Baubles Lance Carved Leaf Earrings - Stitch FixThe total cost of this month’s fix is $192 because I decided to keep all five items. That 25% discount really is a brilliant motivation, along with the $20 styling fee that gets credited if you keep at least one item!

The moral of the story of this fix is: keep an open mind. Wearing some pink some of the time is not going to kill me. It’s not a horrible color on me, and it can actually be pretty cute!

Read my first ever Stitch Fix review.

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is basically getting a personal stylist to hand pick five items for you, including clothing and accessories, and ship them right to your front door.

How does Stitch Fix work?

Sign up at Stitch Fix and fill out a style profile by answering questions about your clothing sizes, what sort of styles you like (preppy, bohemian, trendy, classic, etc), colors you love or hate, styles you never want to see in a fix, and more. You can even specify a price range you’re willing to spend per piece. The style profile is pretty comprehensive, and they encourage you to include a link to your Pinterest style board (here’s mine) to help guide your stylist. You can request specific items via your Pinterest board or on leaving a note for your stylist on the Stitch Fix website, though there’s no guarantee you’ll get them.

Then you schedule a fix. You can get a fix as often as you’d like: monthly, every other month, for an upcoming special occasion, etc. When the appointed date arrives, you get a box filled with five items picked just for you by your stylist, along with a note from your stylist and cards showing suggested outfits for each piece. You get to try on each piece and decide whether you want to keep it or send it back. If you keep any items (even just one), they’ll deduct a $20 styling fee from the total cost. Even better? If you keep all five items, you get a 25% discount on everything! You basically only pay the $20 styling fee if you send everything back. What happens when you don’t like some of the items? That’s totally fine. Stitch Fix makes it very easy for you to return whatever you don’t want to keep. Each fix includes a pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope so you can seal the return pieces inside it, then drop it in any USPS mail box within three business days. Schedule your first Fix today!