A Birthday Month Fix

I love scheduling Stitch Fix [affiliate link] around my birthday, because it feels like an extra treat for me! My June 2021 Fix, which is my 31st (!!!), arrived yesterday. I wasted no time trying on the items and doing a little photo shoot at home. Look at this pretty stack of summery pieces:

June 2021 Stitch Fix stack

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix [affiliate link] is a subscription-based personal styling service for women, men, and kids. It’s free to create an account and complete a style profile. Once you schedule a Fix, a stylist selects five pieces of clothing, accessories, or shoes for you. Women’s clothing options include petite, plus, and maternity sizes. Once your Fix arrives, you have a few days to try the items on and decide which ones you want to purchase. Learn more on how this style subscription works at the bottom of this post.

June Styling Cards

I had the same stylist as last time (Selene), and she picked well for me again. Before my Fix, I input a note saying that I was interested in casual summery items, nothing dressy. So Selene sent me two pairs of shorts, two sleeveless tops (same brand, size, and style but different patterns), and a wrap dress:

June 2021 Stitch Fix styling cards

Top #1 + Shorts #1

I’ll note that this month I used the front-facing camera again, so my photos aren’t ideal quality. The first items I tried on were the Market & Spruce Prat Henley Sleeveless Top ($38, navy with pineapple pattern) and the Vigoss Pixie Cuffed Frayed Hem Short ($48). The first thing I noticed when I put this top on was that it was very roomy in the underarm area. All the materials I received say that it’s a Medium, which is my usual size, and the tag on the shirt itself also says “M.” I think this top must be somehow mislabeled. You’ll see why when we get to the other shirt that’s the same brand, style, and size.

Market & Spruce Prat Henley Sleeveless Top & Vigoss Pixie Cuffed Frayed Hem Short | Stitch Fix

Here’s a better look at just how roomy the underarms are on me:

Pineapple top fit
“Yikes, this won’t work”

Obviously I’ll be returning the top because it doesn’t even come close to fitting me. The pineapple pattern is cute, but I’m not in love with it enough to exchange it. I do like the denim shorts, though, and I don’t have any like this. They actually look better in person than they do in these photos. So the verdict on the shorts is KEPT!

Top #2 + Shorts #2

Next is the Market & Spruce Prat Henley Sleeveless Top ($38, teal with floral pattern) and the Dear John Finnegan Roll Cuff Short ($62). When I first opened the package and saw that they sent two of the same top, I was a little disappointed. But the pineapple print top was different enough from the floral print that I might have kept it had it fit.

I was worried that this floral top would also be mislabeled. Lo and behold, this Medium fit me:

Market & Spruce Prat Henley Sleeveless Top & Dear John Finnegan Roll Cuff Short | Stitch Fix

For comparison with the pineapple top:

Floral top fit
A much better fit

The right armhole appears a tad loose on this top, but I think it’s partly the way the shirt was hanging on my body at the moment that I took the photo. The size works, and I love the color and floral pattern. So the verdict is KEPT! The navy shorts are too big, which is my fault for not knowing what size I am currently. I haven’t been doing much clothes shopping lately, haha. The shorts are cute, but I feel like if I exchange them for the next size down they’ll be too short. So the verdict on them is RETURNED.

The Wrap Dress

The fifth item is the Kaileigh Kaela Faux Wrap Knit Dress ($54). YES I LOVE THIS DRESS:

Kaileigh Kaela Faux Wrap Knit Dress | Stitch Fix

I absolutely love the faux wrap ballerina style of this dress. You know I love a floral pattern, too! I do wish that the background was a lighter color for summer, but the dress material is light and airy so I don’t think it’ll feel too hot.

Here’s a little closer look at the rose pattern:

Dress pattern detail

Adorable. The verdict is quite clearly KEPT.

The Add-On

Finally, I tried on the Seeing Stars Kimono Robe ($44) that I selected as an add-on. It’s purple (my fave color) and floral (my fave pattern) so this is very much my style. I’m happy that I ordered this piece…it’ll be a great light summer robe.

Seeing Stars Kimono Robe | Stitch Fix add-on
My new Goonies shirt, gifted by a friend
In Conclusion

Even though I returned a couple pieces, I think this was a good Fix overall. Had the items that I returned fit me, I probably would have kept them. But as I said above, I didn’t love them quite enough to exchange them.

For this Fix I spent $175.04 on four items (including the add-on and minus the styling fee), for an average of almost $44 per item. Not a bad value!

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What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix [affiliate link] assigns a personal stylist to select five items for you, including clothing, accessories, and shoes—and ships them right to your door.

How does Stitch Fix work?

Sign up at Stitch Fix [affiliate link] and complete a style profile by filling out your clothing and shoe sizes, what sort of styles you like, color preferences, and more. They offer plus sizes and maternity wear as well! You can even specify a price range you’re willing to spend per piece. The style profile is comprehensive, and you can include a link to your Pinterest style board (here’s mine) to help guide your stylist. The website has a rating feature where you can give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to pieces. That way your stylist can better tailor Fixes to your taste. You can request specific items via your Pinterest board or by leaving a note for your stylist on the Stitch Fix [affiliate link] website, though there’s no guarantee you’ll get them.

Then you schedule a Fix (you can get one as often as you’d like). They also offer Extras (e.g., intimates like bras, underwear, camis, etc) that you can add to your order before your stylist starts working on it. Stitch Fix will send you a box containing five items selected for you, along with a stylist note and outfit ideas.

You have several days to try everything on and decide what to keep or return. If you keep any items (even just one), they’ll deduct a $20 styling fee from the total cost. You can apply the styling fee to your extras. Even better? If you keep all five items, you get a 25% discount on everything! You only pay the $20 styling fee if you send everything back. What happens if you don’t like some of the items? Stitch Fix [affiliate link] makes it simple for you to return whatever you don’t want to keep. Each Fix includes a pre-addressed, USPS postage-paid envelope for easy returns.

Stitch Fix also has a boutique with styles curated to your taste, which you can shop from any time without a styling fee.

Schedule your first Fix today! [affiliate link]