Brood X Cicada
Cicadas, Plants and more

1. Brood X Cicadas: social media has been going a little batshit over the Brood X cicadas, which have emerged after 17 years. We have them in DC proper, but they aren’t really making noise or swarming the city. Last weekend, John and I went to the National Arboretum, which is located on the outskirts of DC. The cicada noise there was WILD! It sounded like a constant car alarm. The bugs are alllll over the place in areas with more trees and less concrete. Oddly, cicadas don’t creep me out. These red-eyed bugs are kind of fascinating to me.

Brood X Cicada

2. Peperomia Plant: last weekend we also went to a garden center in Virginia to do some plant shopping. I picked out this peperomia and super cute pot to display on my desk. Peperomia is a cat-safe plant; our kitties haven’t shown much interest in plants, but better safe than sorry!


3. Prayer Plant: I also picked out this Maranta to go in a West Elm pot that’s been sitting empty in our bedroom for a very long time. How pretty is the pattern on those leaves?! This is another cat-safe plant. I hope I’m able to keep these indoor plant babies happy!

Prayer plant

4. Outdoor Dining Chairs: we recently got an expandable outdoor dining table from Lowe’s that can seat six to eight people. Until now, we’ve just had a two-seater cafe table. Now that people are getting vaccinated we figure we can finally start having a few friends over and we wanted to have more outdoor seating. So we went down internet rabbit hole of outdoor dining chairs, and we both loved this four-chair Fisher set by Project 62 from Target. We got the blue color but they also come in black. The design reminds me a little bit of the chairs my grandparents had on their screened-in porch when I was a kid, back in the 80s.

Project 62 chair

5. Moorenko’s Ice Cream: John recently picked up a couple pints of ice cream from a local ice cream shop. He got this Cherry Stracciatella for me, and I loved it! I love a stracciatella gelato (I had it a bunch of times on our honeymoon in Italy), but I’ve never had a flavored stracciatella before. This one has actual cherry chunks in it. Delicious!

Moorenko's Cherry Straciatella