Sephora Rouge Holiday Haul 2022
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A Beauty-ful Sephora Haul

After one in-store trip and two online orders, I’ve finally received all the items in my Sephora 2022 holiday savings haul. I’ve been kinda busy, but I managed to make a YouTube video and photograph my beauty haul! Without further ado, here’s my haul video:

I hope you enjoyed watching my haul video! Of course, I also took photos of everything. Here’s my full haul, minus two items that I bought as holiday gifts for my nieces:

Sephora Rouge Holiday Haul 2022

The Makeup

For makeup, I bought a mixture of face, lip, and eye products. I was initially interested in the Saie Slip Tint, but when I started swatching it in the store, I spotted the Tower 28 tinted moisturizer and decided to swatch that as well. Tower 28 has a shade that matches my skin better (Larchmont), so I ended up buying that instead.

The Natasha Denona palette was basically an instant add to cart when I saw it released on the Sephora app. Keep reading to see a photo…the palette’s shades are somewhat unusual, and they’re beautiful!

Sephora Rouge Haul Makeup

The Skin Care + More

After hearing a beauty podcast host rave about about the Nécessaire shampoo, I had to try it for myself. I got the corresponding conditioner as well. I also restocked a few things (Paula’s Choice, Youth to the People, Caudalie) and selected some new-to-me items.

Sephora Rouge Haul Skin Care

A Few Highlights

There are a few products I’m especially excited about that I’d like to highlight. First off are the two lip tints by Dior and Simihaze:

Dior Lip Addict in Miss Dior & Simihaze Super Slick Tinted Lip Balm in Blossom
Dior Lip Addict in Miss Dior & Simihaze Super Slick Tinted Lip Balm in Blossom

As I mentioned in my video, the Simihaze lip balm is shockingly small for the price, IMO. I actually haven’t tried the product out on my lips yet but you can see a swatch below, and it’s very pretty.

Here’s a look at the RMS blush…another gorgeous product!

RMS Beauty "Re" Dimension Hydra Powder Blush in French Rosé

Below (from top to bottom) are swatches of the Tower 28 tinted SPF, the RMS blush, the Dior lip balm, and the Simihaze lip balm.

Makeup swatches

I didn’t swatch the Milk bronzer stick because when I went to remove the hygiene cap on top of the stick, it pulled a chunk of the stick off with it. So I’m going to exchange it for a fresh stick.

Last but not least, here’s a photo of the stunning Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette. I absolutely love her original Glam palette and I use it all the time. This one will be especially fun going into the holidays.

Natasha Denona Retro Glam eyeshadow palette

That’s it for my Sephora 2022 holiday haul! Did you take advantage of the discount or are you saving your money to spend elsewhere this holiday season?