Smithsonian Orchid Exhibit 2022
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Lots of Nature and more

1. Smithsonian Orchid Exhibit: spring in DC is fantastic (if the pollen doesn’t bother you). So we’ve been getting in some quality nature time lately! On Easter, John and I went to the orchid exhibit in the Kogod Courtyard, one of my favorite places in DC. I took tons of photos and wrote all about it over on my orchid blog. And I have a full slideshow of my photos from the exhibit here.

Smithsonian Orchid Exhibit 2022

2. Glow Recipe Papaya Sorbet Enzyme Cleansing Balm [affiliate link]: I bought this during the recent Sephora savings event and I’m loving it! I use it as a first cleanse at night to help dissolve sunscreen (and makeup if I happen to be wearing any, which I don’t very often these days). Then I follow up with a gel cleanser. This balm has an incredibly soft texture that’s SO easy to scoop out of the tub. To scoop, I use a mini spoon that came with a different product. I apply about a dime sized amount of balm to my dry face and massage it in, then rinse using warm water. The balm turns milky when you add water, and it rinses off easily, leaving my skin feeling soft. Also? I love the papaya scent, which they’ve somehow managed to nail without “fragrance” as an ingredient.

Glow Recipe Papaya Sorbet Enzyme Cleansing Balm

3. Azalea Season: the National Arboretum has a lovely azalea collection that’s in full bloom right now, so we went one early morning this week and basically had the place to ourselves. You can’t not smile when you see these bright and cheerful flowers!

Azalea season

4. Lilac Season: the lilac collection at the arboretum is past its peak, but there were still plenty of blooms for us to enjoy. I absolutely love lilacs and their intoxicating scent! I pretty much walked around photographing every lilac that I spotted. What a joy.

Lilac blooms

5. Fitbit Luxe: my old Fitbit Zip was a little worse for the wear, so I recently ordered a new fitness tracker. They don’t sell clip-on trackers anymore and I initially wasn’t super excited about a watch-style tracker. I was really only interested in step tracking, not all the other bells and whistles. But I’m pleasantly surprised with my Luxe. It’s sleek and looks good on my slim wrist, and it has a heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, and more. I really don’t know how accurate those features are, but it’s still interesting to fire up the app each morning and see how well it says I slept.

Fitbit Luxe