All the Stuff I Brought Home from SDCC 2022

San Diego Comic-Con 2022 is now already a week in the rearview mirror. I can’t believe it’s already over, but we have SDCC 2023 to look forward to! In case you missed my recap, you can check it out here.

I did something new this year: I filmed a YouTube video of my SDCC haul! I came home with so much fun stuff that I thought I might as well make a show and tell video in addition to writing about it. Presenting my first SDCC haul video:

So. Many. Nerdy. Goodies!

For those who want to read more about my SDCC haul and to see photos of all the fun stuff, keep reading! Here’s a photo of everything I brought back from this year’s SDCC:

SDCC 2022 haul

Like I said in my video, I wasn’t sure I could even fit everything into my luggage! I almost shipped some of the larger items to myself, but I managed to stuff it all in (that’s what she said) and my bag somehow wasn’t over the weight limit.

Take a closer look at some of my goodies:

A closer look at some of my haul

Geeki Tiki Time

In my recap post, I mentioned that I went to the exhibit hall with a list of things I wanted to buy. My first stop was the Entertainment Earth booth to buy these incredible Adam and Barbara Maitland Geeki Tiki mugs:

Adam & Barbara Maitland Beetlejuice Geeki Tikis
Beetlejuice is one of my all-time favorite movies

The mugs are available online but won’t be shipping until sometime next month. No idea if EE sold out of these during the con, but I’m so happy I got my hands on them!

In other Geeki Tiki news, my friend bought me this horror Geeki Tiki muglet set from Toynk! The set includes Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Regan, and Pennywise. O M G I love these so much! Because these horror muglets debuted at SDCC, the set is not yet available online. Thank you so much, K!

Horror Geeki Tiki Mini Muglet Set

Random Goodies

Here’s a look at the zombie gnome that I bought for our yard, along with the adorable Sam-esque figurine that John bought me from PinHeadMonsters.

Another look at some of my SDCC haul

I had to get this Goonies keychain and pin set when I spotted it at the Factory Entertainment booth. I wore the Sloth pin on my con lanyard the rest of my time there.

The Goonies keychain & pin set

John picked up this Supernatural Tarot Deck for me! What a perfect addition to my tarot collection.

Supernatural Tarot Deck

Nerdy Shirts

John got this Nadja’s t-shirt as swag from the What We Do in the Shadows panel in Hall H on Sunday. LOVE! I’m such a fan of this show and will happily wear this cute shirt around.

Nadja's WWDITS t-shirt

John texted me a pic of this Goonies t-shirt that he spotted at a booth. He wasn’t sure what size would work best for me so I ended up finding the booth and picking out the right size. I already have one Goonies tee (a birthday gift from a friend last year), but it cannot hurt to have another.

The Goonies t-shirt

My friend and I each got one of these Cooking with Misty t-shirts for free while waiting on the Entertainment Earth line. Yellowjackets is a fantastic show, and while the shirt is a large (that’s all they had), I’ll find a way to make it work on me. Super cool graphic design!

Cooking with Misty Yellowjackets t-shirt

Small but Fun

Seen in the first couple photos in this posts as well as in my YouTube video, here are the smaller items I bought or otherwise ended up with:

  • John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction: Civilians (I paid $10 extra for a copy autographed by JC himself!!). My neighbor is friends with the author so he gave me a heads up about this graphic novel.
  • A couple really cute stickers (pizza and cats!) from an illustrator named Hannah Hillam in Artist Alley
  • A cat-shaped pin with a koi fish on it (John bought this because it combines our animal loves!)
  • An adorable trick-or-treating ghost pin from The Fantasmical World of Rhode Montijo
  • A GI Joe pin that was a swag giveaway while in the Entertainment Earth booth line
  • An Overstreet Access pin that John got as swag (in my video, I didn’t know what this was…it’s a subscription website for online comic collection management).
  • A San Diego coaster that I bought at our hotel’s market
  • Two pairs of Halloween socks from Beistle/Creepy Co
Funko Pop! Hall H Exclusives

John received these limited edition Pops! as swag for attending Funko’s first-ever Hall H panel on Sunday. Both have Hall H limited edition stickers! I’m thrilled to have the glow-in-the-dark Demogorgon (Stranger Things is one of my favorite shows)! And the SDCC Freddy Funko is adorable. He even has a little “I Heart SD” pin on one of his suspenders. They made 2100 pieces of the Demogorgon and 6800 of Freddy Funko. These are going for a chunk of change on eBay (I saw one listing selling this exact pair for $250), but we’re keeping them.

Funko Hall H panel limited edition swag Pops!

That’s it for my SDCC 2022 haul! So much stuff. I’m so happy that everything made it back home with me in one piece. Thanks for watching and reading. Now we wait for 2023!