Airbnb yard & fire pit
Second Getaway, Goonies Pops, and more

1. WV Airbnb Number Two: we went on our second getaway of the week last Thursday and Friday evenings, for my husband’s work. We stayed at another Airbnb in a different West Virginia location from our usual spot. This place also had a fire pit and a hot tub, along with a view of the Potomac River. We had a really relaxing time, and I’m getting in the mood to do more little trips like this!

Airbnb yard & fire pit

2. The Goonies Funko Pops! When I learned that Funko had some Goonies Pops available for pre-order, I was ALL OVER IT. I was a little late to the game, but I managed to order five of the six Pops from the collection (Brand was sold out but is now available at Target, so I’ll be ordering him as well). Three of my pre-ordered Goonies have arrived: Data, Sloth, and Mikey. Truffle Shuffle Chunk and Sloth with Ice Cream (a Walmart exclusive) will be shipping later. They’ll make great additions to my collection! Disclosure: all the links to these Goonies Pops except for ice cream Sloth are affiliate links; if you make a purchase after clicking the links, I’ll earn a small commission.

The Goonies Funko Pops: Data, Sloth, Mikey

3. Paula’s Choice Anti-Aging All-Stars Kit: throughout the month of June, Paula’s Choice is offering 25% off anniversary kits. The brand has gifted me three of their products, and I’ve really liked all of them. I emptied the cult classic Skin Perfecting 2% BHA that they sent me and have been wanting a replacement, so I decided to go ahead and treat myself to the Anti-Aging All Stars Kit. The kit (a $137 value for $97), is now sold out. So I’m happy I snagged it when I did!

The kit contains four full sized skin care products, three of which are new to me: Advanced Replenishing Toner, the aforementioned 2% BHA, 10% Niacinamide Booster, and Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid Broad Spectrum SPF 50. I’m really looking forward to incorporating these products into my routine once I finish some of the items I’m currently using! Disclosure: all the links here are affiliate links; if you make a purchase after clicking the links, I’ll earn a small commission.

Paula's Choice Anti-Aging All-Stars Kit

4. The Mandalorian Puzzle: our Airbnb had a bunch of games, and I was excited to also find this cute puzzle with BABY YODA on it. It was only 100 pieces, and I was able to complete it myself in probably under an hour. So fun…now I want to do more puzzles.

The Mandalorian puzzle

5. Sunflower: this sunflower plant randomly grew up in one of the potted plants on our roof. We didn’t plant any sunflower seeds this year! It has one bloom, and it is absolute perfection. What a joy to behold.



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