ColourPop haul
When ColourPop Discounts Strike…

My favorite affordable makeup brand, ColourPop, recently held a 20% off sitewide sale. Sooo yeah, I ordered a few things. When I say a few, I do mean a few—I didn’t go overboard. Not that I needed five new lip products.  😛 Here’s what I got in my small ColourPop haul:

ColourPop haul

My New Goodies

The Lip Bundle

I was already eyeing this Lux Liquid Lipstick trio when it released in celebration of the Lunar New Year. ColourPop’s Year of the Rat packaging for this bundle is adorable, of course, and I was interested in the formula. Before these lipsticks came out, I didn’t even know they had a liquid version of Lux! These liquid lips are supposed to have a soft, velvety finish with a diffused look.

ColourPop Lux Liquid Lipstick Good Fortune Lip Bundle
Take a Bao, It’s a Banger, On Cloud Dynasty

The trio comes with three shades of red: Take a Bao, It’s a Banger, and On Cloud Dynasty (pictured left to right below). It’s hard to see the differences in shades in the below photo because I photographed the products in such bright sunlight. Take a Bao is described as a velvet rich red; It’s a Banger is a velvet midtone crimson red, and On Cloud Dynasty is a velvet deep brick red.

Good Fortune Lip Bundle

Keep reading for swatches down below!

One thing to note: eagle eyes might have spotted the worn print on It’s a Banger. The product didn’t appear to be used, and ColourPop doesn’t take refunds so it’s not like someone would have used and returned it and then it ended up in my hands. But it’s a little disconcerting that my supposedly new product doesn’t appear new, at least on the outside. I sent their customer service a message to see if they would replace it, and this is the response I received: “No worries, as there is no damage to the product itself, please note that product decoration can become damaged in transit. Unfortunately, no replacements will be issued for products with damaged deco, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

I don’t really see how the print would have rubbed off so much in transit, but I also don’t actually think the product was used. So I’ll go ahead and use it…

More Lip Fun

I’m a big fan of lip tints and have been interested in ColourPop’s Lip Crayons ever since they launched. So I made sure to add one to my cart. I picked the shade Waikiki, described as a sheer, cool-toned pink. And I’d been wanting to get the Lumière Lippie Stix for awhile; I have the Lippie Pencil in this shade and love it, so I wanted to get the corresponding lipstick.

Just a Tint and Lippie Stix

Below you can see the glorious fresh lip products before I swatched them. Waikiki doesn’t look all that cool-toned, IMO, but maybe that’s because it’s next to a much cooler-toned product.

Just a Tint and Lippie Stix

I love the Lip Crayon! It smells fruity—I was thinking pineapple, but the website says it has passion fruit oil, so maybe that’s it. Waikiki is a great peachy nude shade on me and the product gives my lips just a hint of color and shine. It feels moisturizing and lasts for awhile. I would definitely buy more Lip Crayons.

And the Lippie Stix, believe it or not, is my first ever. So crazy that it took me until now to try one…Lippie Stix were one of ColourPop’s original products! The formula is matte, nondrying, and provides full coverage. What’s not to love?

Gel Eye Liner

I picked out this Crème Gel Colour in Best O (currently sold out) because I wanted something a little different for my eyes. ColourPop describes the shade as a deepened burgundy, which I feel will go well with my medium brown eyes. I’ve tried a ColourPop gel pencil and liquid liner before and neither impressed me. But with the pot format I can use whatever liner brush I want, so I have higher hopes for this product.

Crème Gel Colour Eyeliner

Swatch Time

This post would be incomplete without swatches! Top to bottom: Best O, Waikiki, Lumière, Take a Bao, It’s a Banger, and On Cloud Dynasty.

Top to Bottom: Best O, Waikiki, Lumière, Take a Bao, It’s a Banger, On Cloud Dynasty

The Lux Liquid Lips are a bit hard to tell from one another in that shot, so here’s another in which they’re more sheered out:

Good Fortune swatches

I didn’t take an individual pic of the small pencil brush, but I don’t really have any other brushes like it. So I thought it would be useful to have.

The grand total for my order was $38.97. Not bad for all of these products! I’ll do a separate post with photos of me wearing these products, as this post has already gone on long enough.  😛

Did you order anything during the recent ColourPop sale?