Lisa Eldridge makeup
Luxury Lip Products from Lisa Eldridge

I don’t spend a whole lot of time on YouTube. But one of the makeup experts I’ve always enjoyed watching is Lisa Eldridge, a super legit UK-based makeup artist. We’re talking red carpet celebrity looks and makeup for high fashion publications like Vogue. In the last few years she launched her own line of luxury lipsticks and begun expanding with other products. Her collections often sell out and I’ve heard great things about the quality. So when I learned that she was releasing some new products, I set a reminder to make sure I was online right in time for launch (I’ve learned from experience trying to get SDCC badges and hotels! #nerdskills). I managed to pre-order two lip glosses, a lipstick, and a cream blush. Because I ordered at least three products, I also got a (sumptuous floral) complimentary makeup bag!

Lisa Eldridge lip products & blush

Prior to the new products launching, I watched Lisa’s YouTube video about her new collection and browsed all the photos of the shades online. It’s helpful that her website shows each product on a variety of skin tones. So before the collection went online, I had come up with a list of the products I wanted to order.

My package arrived last week and I got right to snapping photos on a nice, sunny day. Below is a look at the products out of their packaging. I cannot get over the gorgeousness of that velvet makeup bag, omg. That floral print feels very Ted Baker, and I’m here for it.

Lisa Eldridge makeup

In My Order

Have a closer gander at the lip products…so luscious-looking!

Lisa Eldridge lip gloss and lipstick
L to R: Affair, Muse, Painterly

I painted some messy swatches on my arm…top to bottom: Affair gloss, Muse gloss, Painterly lipstick, Pink Soap blush.

Lisa Eldridge gloss, lipstick, blush swatches

Now let’s look at each of these goodies individually!

Luxuriously Lucent Lipstick

This lipstick formula is new to the collection (Lisa is known for her Velvet Embrace lipsticks, which I want to try and regret not ordering). The Luxuriously Lucent formula is semi-sheer, buildable color with a satin finish. Painterly is described on the website as “a deep mauvey-chocolate hue with a blue undertone.” Look at this beautiful bullet with Lisa’s logo embossed in it:

Luxuriously Lucent Lipstick in Painterly

The lipstick tube itself feels luxurious, from the matte gold packaging with the logo on top to the magnet that fastens the top and bottom together. This is a relatively spendy lipstick, but it does feel worth the money.

The shade looks pretty bold in the tube, but it goes on more sheer than you’d expect at first glance. And I love it! I usually reach for sheer, buildable color over in-your-face, one-swipe, full coverage formulas. More often than not, I like a more subtle makeup look. Here’s what a couple coats of Painterly looks like on my lips:

Painterly lipstick on me

It’s a unique shade that’s a little brown, a little red, a little pink. Painterly truly is a “my lips but better” color for me! The shade actually reminds me a bit of Clinique’s cult classic Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, though Painterly is more brown. The formula feels moisturizing, which is perfect because dry lips are the bane of my existence. I’ll be reaching for this lipstick a lot.

Gloss Embrace

The first Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss shade I ordered is Affair, which is described as “an earthy soft caramel brown” with “neutral/warm golden undertones.” I don’t always go for warmer shades, but this one didn’t look like it would be too warm for me. Look at that beautiful, juicy color:

Gloss Embrace in Affair

The lip gloss is very shiny yet non-sticky, and it feels hydrating on the lips. I’m happy with how this shade looks on me! There’s just enough pink in the gloss to keep it from being too warm for my taste. I think Affair would be really pretty paired with a bronze or purple smokey eye.

Affair gloss on me

The other Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss I ordered is the shade Muse, which is described as “immaculate smoky rosewood – the classic neutral pinky / brown shade every woman should have in her collection.” Speaking of immaculate, is there anything better than a freshly opened, never-used makeup product? Drool:

Gloss Embrace in Muse

Honestly? I’m LOVING this lip gloss shade. Muse is also a “my lips but better” color for me; Painterly sort of darkens my natural lip color, while Muse enhances it with a shot of rose (and All The Shine). I adore. Now I want the Velvet Embrace Lipstick in Muse, too.

Muse gloss on me

Enlivening Blush

I feel like just a few years ago I was on the hunt for a cream blush but there weren’t many out there. Glossier’s Cloud Paint was my go-to for YEARS. Now, non-powder blush is SUPER trendy and all the makeup brands are releasing cream, stick, or liquid blush. In fact, all six of Lisa’s new cream blushes are sold out as of this writing.

I picked out this new Enlivening Blush in Pink Soap, the lightest of the shades. Pink Soap is described as “a muted dusty rose which imparts skin with a beautifully subtle warm pink blush.” A little goes a loooooong way with this blush. So it’s best to start with a TINY amount and build up the color if you need to. I always said a little goes a long way with Cloud Paint, and I think this goes even doubly so for Enlivening Blush.

Seamless Skin Enlivening Blush in Pink Soap

This pretty pink shade works really well for my fair skin. The other five shades are pretty significantly darker than Pink Soap, so there are a bunch of options for skin that’s darker than mine. This formula is meant to be a makeup/skin care hybrid with blurring and lifting ingredients. I’m DEFINITELY going to get my money’s worth out of this tube. One tube could last me years (though no one recommends using products for year and years due to potential bacteria growth).

UPDATE FROM JULY 31, 2021: while I was trying to squeeze blush out of the tube a couple mornings ago, the product began squirting out the end of the tube. Here’s photo evidence:

busted blush tube

I sent a couple photos via the customer service contact form and asked for a refund on the blush. They got back to me very quickly, apologized, and processed a refund. I very much appreciated the fast response and good customer service, and I’m happy that I’ll at least get my money back on faulty packaging. I ended up squeezing the blush out of the tube into a little empty jar (which I disinfected with rubbing alcohol first). The product may dry out sooner than it would have in a tube, but at least I’ll be able to use it for awhile and it won’t all go to waste.

I watched a YouTube video in which someone else had the same thing happen with her LE blush, so I’m wondering if this is a common issue with the packaging; in my opinion, the product seems too thick for this type of tube. Since the product is listed as sold out on the website, my guess is the brand may have pulled the blushes and are working on new packaging. This is 100% speculation on my part. Hopefully they’ll figure out packaging that works better!

In Summary

All of the products I ordered are cruelty-free and vegan, so that’s great for the more animal-conscious consumer. I’m very pleased with my purchase, and though my mini haul wasn’t cheap, I decided to call it a birthday treat to myself. I’m looking forward to trying even more Lisa Eldridge makeup in the future!

Have you treated yourself to any Lisa Eldridge beauty products?