MAC x Stranger Things Makeup
Makeup from the Upside Down

The fourth season of Stranger Things has dropped on Netflix! Well, the first batch of episodes is here, anyway—the second part comes out July 1. We haven’t had a chance to watch yet, but we’re going to start today. I was absolutely entranced with this show when it first came out, and I’ve watched the first season three times. When I learned that MAC was releasing a Stranger Things-inspired collection, it was time to order some goodies!

MAC x Stranger Things Makeup

The full collection includes two eyeshadow palettes, LipGlass in six shades, two Powder Blushes, a face brush, and an eye brush. I ordered both eyeshadow palettes and one LipGlass. And because I ordered at least two products, I got a free Stranger Things fanny pack with my order (scroll down to see a pic)!

Stranger Things makeup by MAC

Hawkins Class of 1986 Eye Palette

I love this collection’s packaging! The outer boxes are a moody dusk, but each product’s graphic design is unique. The outside of the Hawkins eyeshadow palette is designed to look like a high school yearbook. So cute!

MAC Hawkins Palette

Inside, we find an array of eight colorful eyeshadows that evoke a sort of 1980s Miami vibe. The shades don’t scream 1980s Hawkins, Indiana to me, but they’re cute nonetheless. I feel like sometimes the people designing 1980s and 1990s-themed products are too young to know what they’re doing. The 80s were way more about neon than pastels, at least in my own experience and memory as someone who was a child in the 80s. But I digress.

Inside Hawkins eyeshadow palette

I will say, they did fully nail the 80s vibe with the shade Melvald’s General Store. That frosty blue eyeshadow along with a frosty pink lip absolutely screams 1980s makeup!

Shade descriptions, per the MAC website:

  • Surfer Boy Pizza: Buttercream (Dazzleshadow Extreme)
  • Benny’s Burger: Ochre (Powder Kiss)
  • Melvald’s General Store: Saturated teal blue (Frost)
  • Dingus: Lime & gold duochrome (Dazzleshadow Extreme)
  • U.S.S. Butterscotch: Bronze w/ slight silver pearl (Dazzleshadow Extreme)
  • Hawkins High: Hawkins green (Powder Kiss)
  • Starcourt Mall: Bright washed pink (Powder Kiss)
  • Arcade: Deep bright purple (Dazzleshadow Extreme)
The Void Eye Palette

Now we head into the Upside Down with this moodier eyeshadow palette. I love the raised black tendrils of the netherworld creeping across the outside of this palette.

MAC Upside Down palette

Inside, we find more creeping tendrils and a mix of bright and muted shades.

Inside MAC Upside Down eyeshadow palette

Shade descriptions, per the MAC website:

  • Spores: Light cool neutral (Dazzleshadow Extreme)
  • Demogorgon: Light smokey taupe (Powder Kiss)
  • Demo Bat: Light army green (Dazzleshadow Extreme)
  • The Mothergate: Teal & plum duochrome (Dazzleshadow Extreme)
  • Mind Flayer: Olive green & silver sparkle (Dazzleshadow Extreme)
  • Creel House: Deep cool navy (Dazzleshadow Extreme)
  • Code Red: Bright red (Powder Kiss)
  • The Void: Saturated black (Powder Kiss)
The LipGlass

I wasn’t into most of the LipGlass shades from this collection, though I was intrigued by the purplish-black shade called Skull Rock. I decided against ordering that shade though, figuring I’d really only wear it at SDCC or Halloween. Instead, I ordered the bright fuchsia shade Wild Wheeler. This is such a great shade for summer!

MAC Stranger Things Wild Wheeler lip gloss

The Swatches

Here are the Hawkins eye palette shades swatched on my arm, along with the LipGlass at the bottom.

Hawkins eyeshadow palette & lip gloss swatches
Top to bottom: Dingus, Palace Arcade, Melvald’s General Store, Starcourt Mall, Benny’s Burgers, Hawkins High, Surfer Boy Pizza, U.S.S. Butterscotch, Wild Wheeler

And here are The Void eye palette swatches:

Upside Down eyeshadow palette swatches
Top to bottom: The Mothergate, The Void, Demo Bat, Code Red, Demogorgon, Creel House, Spores, Mind Flayer

The Mothergate is such a gorgeous duochrome that I had to include another photo that shows off the color shift a little better:

The Mothergate swatch closeup

I’ve played with a couple of the shades and so far, so good!

Proud Fanny Pack Owner

Apparently fanny packs are cool now? If you were a child in the 1980s, you might remember how extremely uncool they were at the time. Fanny packs were solely for unfashionable moms and dads, as well as major dweebs. They were just as cool as pocket protectors (google that, Gen Z!). The day that I received my MAC package in the mail, I went for a walk and saw six very normal people wearing fanny packs. So I guess they’re perfectly acceptable now.

My new fanny pack is legit very cute:

MAC Stranger Things fanny pack

I took my fanny pack for a spin earlier this week when we visited Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens for the first time, and it served me well. I wore it in the good old dorky 80s fashion around my waist, as opposed to the more modern method of slinging it over one shoulder.

Fanny packs are cool now

I’ll definitely bring my fanny pack to San Diego Comic-Con this summer!

I’m so very excited to have some Stranger Things makeup in my collection. TBH, I’m a little surprised that MAC is the brand that ended up with this licensing over ColourPop. It would have been interesting to see CP’s take on the show. Maybe we’ll still find out one day.

Did you order anything from this collection? How excited are you for the new Stranger Things season??