Tom Ford Lip Color
Luxe Lips for 20% Off

Recently, I shared the full Sephora Rouge haul that I ordered with my 20% discount. I wanted to zoom in with a separate post about the luxury lip products that I purchased; they’re so beautiful I thought they deserved another look!

Pictured below is the Tom Ford Lip Color in Pink Dusk. DROOLING:

Tom Ford Lip Color

And here’s another look at the Dior Addict Lip Glows. The one on the left is “Berry” and the one on the right is “Rosewood.”

Dior Lip Glows

Luxe Swatches

Here I’ve swatched all three lip products on my arm so you can see how they look against my fair skin. Pink Dusk is on the top, then the Lip Glows in Berry and Rosewood:

Luxe Lip Swatches
Top to bottom: Pink Dusk, Berry, Rosewood

I only swiped the Lip Glows a few times in the above swatch and they came out quite sheer. The color is somewhat buildable; below I got slightly more color by doing a good 12 or so swipes of each:

Lip Glow swatches in sunlight

But How Do They Look On My Lips?

“Get to it,” you’re probably saying, “what do the lip products actually look like on your face?” Fear not…I won’t go on and on and like food bloggers writing a whole-ass manifesto before they get to the recipe you’re looking for. (Yes, I’m throwing shade.)

Here’s what Tom Ford’s Pink Dusk looks like on me:

Pink Dusk

Oddly, I think the lipstick looks better on me in photos than it does in person. The shade is a little lighter than my natural lip color, and I gravitate toward colors that are at least as dark as my own lips. However, I think this will be a really lovely pink to wear with a more dramatic eye look, whether it’s colorful and springy or a classic smokey eye. The formula feels creamy and hydrating, and has good wear time.

In the next photo I’m wearing the Lip Glow in Berry:


As I mentioned in my haul post, Dior Lip Glows are that kind of “color-changing” lip product that’s supposed to adjust color based on your own pH. So in theory, these sheer balms will look different on everyone. I really love Berry and have already been reaching for it a bunch!

I’m also really loving Rosewood:


It’s a little hard to tell the difference between these two shades in these photos. I think it’s easier to see the difference in person. Building up layers of color helps as well.

But what’s the quality like?

Up front, let me say that I don’t usually spend this kind of money on lip products. The Tom Ford Lip Color retails for $55 but I spent $44 on it with my discount. The Lip Glows are normally $35 apiece but were $28 apiece with the discount.

Do I think these products are any better than less expensive lip products? Quite honestly, no. They’re very nice and serve as wonderful treats when you have some extra cash for a splurge. But there are plenty of lip products out there at a fraction of the price that are just as good, quality-wise.

Speaking of quality, you may have noticed the air bubbles on the top surface of the Tom Ford lipstick. If I felt comfortable going into a Sephora store right now, I would have taken this lipstick in to exchange it because when you’re spending so much on a lipstick you expect better quality. Alas, we’re still in a pandemic and I haven’t begun venturing into shops yet.

The Dior Lip Glows are good quality but they’re not super moisturizing (for me, anyway…I absolutely cannot stand dry lips). says these give “up to 24 hours of hydration.” Not in my experience; I find that the Glows don’t quite moisturize as well as a plain ol’ lip balm. Maybe that’s the purpose: to get you to use them more often so you go through them quickly and repurchase?  **HI, CYNIC HERE**

Cynicism aside, I do love the sheer hint of color from the Lip Glow and think I’ll get my money’s worth out of them.

Are you a luxury lip product collector? Let me know in the comments what your favorite lip product is!