July 2023 beauty empties
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Summertime Empties

Time to take an SDCC content break (I still have a haul to post about) with some July 2023 beauty empties! August is here and I’m happy because this month signals the beginning of pumpkin season. Actually, I’ve already seen two pumpkin products at Trader Joe’s. And Starbucks typically releases their fall drinks in late August. I am here for it! Obviously, I’m one of “those people” who cannot wait for summer to be over. Give me the cooler weather and PSLs, please.

July 2023 beauty empties

I only used one sheet mask last month but emptied some other foil packets:

July 2023 empty masks & more

Would I Repurchase?
  • Skinceuticals C E Ferulic [affiliate link]: I finally broke down and bought this very expensive ($182 full price) vitamin C serum when Dermstore was holding a Skinceuticals sale. I paid just over $150, so it was still quite pricey. People rave about this product but complain about the hot dog water smell. For me, its performance was just fine (and the smell didn’t bother me). I didn’t see any major improvement in my skin tone or dark spots. Overall, I’m happy with how my skin looked while using this every morning, but I feel the same way when I use Youth to the People Vitamin C, which costs a whole lot less. So I would not splurge on this again.
  • Supergoop! Play SPF 50 Everyday Lotion [affiliate link]: we used this up while in San Diego. John and I have gone through many tubes of this and will continue to repurchase.
  • Paula’s Choice Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser [affiliate link]: the brand has gifted me products, but I bought this on my own. In fact, I’ve bought this several times. I love using this in the shower in the morning. Would buy again.
  • Love Beauty and Planet Indian Lilac & Clove Leaf Positively Shiny Shampoo: I loved the smell of this shampoo (much more lilac than clove), but that’s about it. Nothing really does much for my crappy hair, so…shrug.
  • Trader Joe’s Daily Facial Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 40 mini: from the TJs 12 Days of Beauty box last year. I emptied this on our trip. I’ve bought this full sized a couple times; it’s really nice (and affordable)!
  • Glossier Balm Dotcom [affiliate link]: a declutter because I noticed there’s some gross moldy-looking stuff inside the cap and a bit around the edge where the cap screws on. The product itself looks fine but I just cannot apply it to my lips anymore. I emailed the brand’s customer service with some photos to let them know in case other customers are experiencing the same issue. TBH I didn’t love this product anyway…it wasn’t hydrating enough for my lips.
  • Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 mini [affiliate link]: finished this in San Diego and opened another mini for the rest of our trip. Love this stuff.
  • Kitsch Shave Butter [affliate link]: I’m interested in products with more eco-friendly packaging (or no packaging at all, as with Lush products). This shave butter bar does come in a box, but it’s recyclable as opposed to the usual plastic or aluminum packaging that shaving cream comes in. The bar is scented, but the smell is mild and it hasn’t irritated my skin. I bought several more bars to have a stash on hand.
  • Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser mini [affiliate link]: also emptied this on our trip and opened a fresh mini. So good for travel, would buy again.
Masking & other
  • Bliss The Detoxifier Holographic Foil Sheet Mask [affiliate link]: I’ve used a bunch of these sheet masks and would buy them again.
  • BodyBliss Prickly Pear Mineral Salt Soak: bought this at the Cavalier spa store during our holiday getaway last year. I packed this for our anniversary trip at Kona Kai because I knew our room would have a nice big bathtub…our home tub is too small for an adult to take a relaxing bath in. This salt soak smelled so nice! I would buy this again as a travel treat.
  • Patchology Blemish-Shrinking Salicylic Acid Dots [gifted]: these came in the Breakout Box [affiliate link] that Patchology gifted me. John and I both used these and liked them.
  • Patchology Absorbing Hydrocolloid Dots [gifted]: also from the Breakout Box. Ditto as with the SA dots. I would buy the Breakout Box; it’s a good thing to have on hand when pimples pop up.
  • Patchology Detoxifying Charcoal Nose Strip [gifted]: also from the Breakout Box. I used this prior to our anniversary trip. It is so satisfying to see the crap that these things pull out of your pores!
  • Trader Joe’s Oil Absorbing Clay Face Mask: also from the 12 Days of Beauty box. I used this to treat myself on the morning of our anniversary, and I liked it. It took awhile to dry, but my skin felt very clean afterward. I don’t think they sell this on its own but maybe they will if they get enough positive feedback from the box.

Bye, July! I won’t miss you, but I do already miss our SDCC anniversary trip. Stay tuned for a post about the goodies I got at SDCC…