LuLuLun Precious Sheet Masks
A Lovely Mask Gift from LuLuLun

**The brand gifted me the products in this post for consideration.**

I’ve been struggling with how much to keep up on blogging, what with COVID-19 being a huge issue right now. But I started writing this post at least two weeks ago so here I am going ahead with it. As I’ve said before, please follow the CDC’s recommendations as well as whatever regulations your city or state have implemented so we can keep this virus from spreading!

On to the actual post! Awhile back, Japanese skin care brand LuLuLun reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in trying some of their relaunched sheet masks. I’ve actually tried LuLuLun masks before; last year my friend went to Japan and brought me a pack of their White Peach Masks, and I really liked them. So of course I was thrilled for the opportunity to try more of their products! They offered me the choice of Regular masks (for all skin types) or Precious masks (for aging care). I went with the Precious line, and I was so excited to receive seven-packs of all three masks in the collection! Thank you so much, LuLuLun!

LuLuLun Precious Sheet Masks

The Precious Collection

All of LuLulun’s Regular and Precious masks come in packs of seven or boxes of 32. Because they’re resealable, the multi-packs are more sustainable than your standard single-use pack. Love that! I’m not going to pretend that sheet masks are eco-friendly, but at least the multi-packs generate less waste. The masks are meant to be used daily; while I don’t typically mask every day, I did try these out as frequently as possible so that they didn’t dry out once I opened the package.

The Precious Red Masks ($7 for 7, $25 for 32) are intended to tackle intensive dryness and signs of aging. Key ingredients are:

  • L-22®, a plant-derived complex oil that tones uneven sebum and moisture balance
  • White rice koji extract, with AHA for gentle exfoliation, brightening, and softening
  • Sacran®, a freshwater algae extract that holds five times more water than hyaluronic acid

LuLuLun Precious Red Mask

The Precious White Masks ($7 for 7, $25 for 32) are intended for intensive skin brightening and firming. Key ingredients include:

  • L-22® (same as above)
  • Garden cress extract to brighten, fade the appearance of discoloration, reduce the effect of daytime stressors, and even skin tone
  • Passion fruit seed oil for glowing skin

LuLuLun Precious White Mask

The Precious Green Masks ($8 for 7, $27 for 32) claim to cover all aging concerns, for a youthful look. Key ingredients include:

  • L-22® (same as above)
  • Moss cell culture extract to improve skin moisture, refine mature skin, and create a flawless complexion
  • Algae extract, a nutrient powerhouse that conditions, softens, detoxifies, hydrates, and replenishes vitamins and minerals.

LuLuLun Precious Green Mask

One thing to note is that all of these masks contain methylparaben, which is typically an ingredient that I avoid. However, it’s listed as the final ingredient, so I’m guessing there’s only a small amount.

The Mask Experience

The user experience for each of these mask varieties is basically the same, so I won’t go into to detail of each. The masks are easy to apply and fit pretty well. The eye and mouth holes are a little small on me, but it still works. The masks are well-soaked with a clear serum but they’re not drippy when you remove them from the package. I’d say each package contains just the right amount of serum for seven masks!

There’s not much scent to any of the masks, probably because they don’t contain fragrance as an ingredient. I wore each mask for 10 minutes at a time, and massaged the excess essence in afterward. The essence for all the masks absorbed quickly and left a slightly tacky feel. I only experienced pilling with my other skin care products one time out of 21, so I’m guessing I started applying the other products too soon after letting the essence soak in that time.

Here I am wearing one of the Precious White Masks:

LuLuLun sheet mask

The Masking Outcome

I started with the Red masks and enjoyed them, though I didn’t quite use them daily for a week. I started to get some small pimples after four days of use so I skipped a day in between each of the remaining masks. It’s unclear whether the masks were causing the pimples or whether it was something else, but I never ended up with what I’d consider a full-on breakout. These masks were hydrating as promised, and I think they’re quite good!

Then I moved on to the White masks and did kind of the same schedule as Red: I used them daily for about four days and then skipped a day in between the rest. My husband actually made a comment about my skin looking good after the first three days of using this mask each morning! You know it’s good when your significant other notices.  🙂

Below is my skin after using all seven Precious White Masks…seriously, I was looking SO glowy. These masks are GREAT and I would totally buy them again!

Post-LuLuLun White Masks

Then I moved on to the Green masks and actually managed to use one a day for seven days straight. I was also really happy with my skin tone after using these masks and would buy them as well.

So, the White masks were my favorite, followed by Green, then Red. Honestly though, they are all good masks! And they’re quite affordable, too. Thank you again to LuLuLun for sending me these masks to try!!

And…LuLuLun sent me a second package of each of these masks to share with my readers! I’ll be doing a giveaway for that set of masks, but with COVID-19 being a huge issue, I don’t feel great about running a giveaway just yet. So do stay tuned on that!