Atomic Beauty PR products
NYC-Made Atomic Makeup

I am super delayed with writing this post! Awhile back, indie brand Atomic Makeup reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in trying some of their products. Of course I was thrilled to have the opportunity! It’s always fun to discover new brands, and Atomic sounds exciting to me: not only are their products 100% vegan and cruelty-free, they’re formulated and made in my longtime former home, New York City.

Atomic Makeup PR package

Atomic Makeup is also the first brand to launch a full line of CBD-infused lip products. CBD is super hot in the beauty realm these days; I’ve tried a couple skin care products containing CBD but hadn’t tried any CBD-infused makeup before.

My Atomic Goodies

Atomic Makeup kindly sent me four full sized products:

Atomic Makeup PR products
How adorable is the packaging?! I love the 70s disco vibe.

I received the following:

The lip glosses retail for $26 apiece and the cream eyeshadows are $10 apiece. Note: this post contains affiliate links. You can use code adventuresherman at checkout to get 15% off your order at! If you do use my link and code, I’ll receive a small commission from your purchase.

Swatch Time!

So let’s take a look at some swatches, shall we? Here are the products on my arm; photo taken outdoors in natural light.

Atomic Makeup swatches
Top to bottom: Lip Gloss in Nectar, Lip Gloss in Foxy, Cream Shadow in Havana Affair, Cream Shadow in Sundae Girl

And here’s how the swatches look on my arm in the sunlight:

Atomic Makeup swatches (sunny)
Top to bottom: Lip Gloss in Nectar, Lip Gloss in Foxy, Cream Shadow in Havana Affair, Cream Shadow in Sundae Girl
On My Face

I was excited to try these products out on my face! Below, I have a bit of a monochromatic look going with Havana Affair on my eyes and Foxy on my lips.

Atomic Makeup CBD-Enhanced Lip Gloss in Foxy

Here’s a better look at the eyes:

Atomic Makeup Cream Eyeshadow in Havana Affair

Here’s a shot of me wearing Havana Affair on my eyes and Nectar on my lips:

Atomic Makeup CBD-Enhanced Lip Gloss in Nectar

Here I am wearing Sundae Girl on my lids and Foxy on my lips:

Atomic Makeup CBD-Enhanced Lip Gloss in Foxy and Cream Eyeshadow in Sundae Girl

And here’s a better look at Sundae Girl on my lids:

Atomic Makeup Cream Eyeshadow in Sundae Girl

I kept the looks really simple in order to show off the products that Atomic Makeup sent me.

Gloss Performance

My favorite product of the bunch is the Nectar lip gloss. It’s such a lovely, sheer pink! The gloss contains a hint of shimmer, which makes it a good topper, but I’ve been wearing it on its own. Foxy is kind of an odd color on me; I think it’s a little too yellow for my skin tone. The color might look better if I’m wearing the right eyeshadow shades, but I haven’t quite figured out what those shades would be. Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions!

In terms of formula, the CBD lip gloss is non-sticky and hydrating. It’s not super long-wearing on me, but I drink water all day and wipe lip products off the second I start eating. So not lasting all day isn’t a big deal for me. Also, the glosses have a subtle fruity scent and sweet flavor. With CBD in the gloss, I’m theoretically absorbing and consuming what’s probably a trace amount of CBD. Which I’m fine with! In case you’re not aware, CBD does not contain THC (the compound that gets people high). CBD is believed to have many health benefits, including relieving pain, decreasing anxiety and inflammation, and helping with insomnia. I mean…if it can really help with all of that, sign me right on up.

Shadow Thoughts

To be perfectly honest, I’m less into the cream eyeshadows. I’m very much a cream shadow novice, but I did think to use these over an eyeshadow primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion). I wasn’t sure what the best way would be to apply these, but I used the doe foot applicator to swipe some onto my lids, then blended using my finger. The color was more subtle that way; I bet if you used the applicator and then a brush to blend, you’d get a more intense look.

The shadows dry down pretty quickly, so you need to work fast to blend. Both cream shadows creased on my lids, even over the primer. My eyelids do get somewhat oily, so if your lids aren’t oily you might have better luck with these than I did.

Part of the reason I’m not in love with these is purely because of the shades. In my opinion, neither shade is good for me. I just don’t like pinks on my eyes, not matter how many times I try them. The Havana Affair shade is better on me than Sundae Girl, but it’s still too warm for my taste. Atomic Makeup does have some other fun shades, though; Iris (currently sold out) is a pretty teal, and Double Fantasy is a gorgeous silver.

Thank You, Atomic Makeup!

I’d like to say thank you again to Atomic Makeup for sending me this wonderful package of makeup to try out! The brand has a nice array of products in addition to these two, from matte liquid lips to highlighters to body glitters (which look SO FUN, and many are appropriately named after NYC nightclubs). And not that I’m much of a black lipstick wearer, but their Xray CBD Liquid Lipstick looks PERFECT for this season, as does the gorgeous Victorian CBD Lip Gloss.

Atomic Makeup is great option for those on the hunt for vegan and cruelty-free makeup, and you’ll be supporting a US-made indie company to boot! If any of these products sound up your alley, please don’t forget to shop using my link to and then use code adventuresherman at checkout to receive 15% off your purchase! Thanks in advance for your support!


**The brand gifted me the products in this post for consideration.**