Shining Pillowcases, Foot Masking, and more

1. The Shining Pillowcases: I think I came across Etsy maker blvckfly on Pinterest and was instantly smitten with her Shining carpet-inspired pillowcases. I ordered this set of three pillowcases and I absolutely love them! The orange-and-brown one is the well-known classic carpet pattern, but the purple-and-green pattern is my favorite. The hedge maze pillowcase is pretty awesome, too. These are made with velveteen and they’re super soft! Definitely one of my favorite recent home decor purchases.

2. Dr. Jart Dermask Foot Smoothing Mask: I bought this $12 foot mask from Sephora recently and showed my feet a little love. This isn’t a foot peel (though I love those), but my feet were looking a little rough so they definitely needed some smoothing. You wear the space age-looking booties for 20 minutes and they’re supposed to feel warm, but honestly I didn’t experience any warmth. They were fun to wear, though, and after I removed them I massaged the excess essence into my feet. They felt much smoother and softer afterward! I do prefer a foot peel, but this is a good product to use if it’s not good timing for a peel.

You can see the imprints of my socks on my legs!

3. Green Chef: someone on Instagram alerted me to the existence of this organic meal kit delivery service, and it sounded great so I signed up. We got our first box this week and so far, everything has been tasty! The below dish is Green Pea Falafel with lemon-basil yogurt sauce, zesty couscous, and kale salad. The dish was easy to make, and though the falafels fell apart some while cooking, it didn’t mar their flavor. I look forward to more boxes from Green Chef!

4. Trader Joe’s Waxed Cotton Wraps: Marina of Jeans and Gems recently did a post about sustainability and inspired me to buy these wraps! This set of three wraps cost $8.99 at my local Trader Joe’s; I’m looking forward to using them instead of aluminum foil. I use foil to cover my cat’s wet food bowl when she doesn’t finish it (which happens daily). So the wraps will save me from using a lot of foil. The warmth of your hands softens the wax and allows you to wrap bowls the way you would using foil or plastic wrap. I love making the switch to reusable products…the amount of waste we produce daily is insane!

5. Joseph Joseph GoEat Cutlery Set [paid link]: I went shopping at my local kitchenware store this week and when I spotted this on-the-go cutlery set, I bought two of them: one for me and one for my husband to keep in our bags. These sets cost $11.99 apiece at the store but can also be purchased on Amazon (current price: $13.95). This set is genius—the knife has a magnetic strip so all three utensils cling together. And they nest perfectly in the silicone storage case. It’s an excellent eco-friendly buy!