Dining Room Furniture, Sephora Squad Application, Happy March

1. New Dining Table: I’m so excited to finally have a legit dining table! At our old apartment we had a small table and chairs that we bought off of Craigslist for $50. And for the past month we’ve been eating at a grubby plastic folding table. We’re going to love eating at an actual adult dining table. 😛  A couple weeks ago we went shopping at West Elm and picked out the Tower Dining Table in Dark Mineral. It just arrived yesterday and it looks great in our dining area. Bonus: we got a discount on the table…I do love a deal!

2. New Dining Chairs: we selected the Finley Low-Back Dining Chairs to go with our new dining table. The material is Distressed Velvet and the color is Light Taupe. Ever since the chairs arrived, we’ve been waiting patiently for our new table to go along with them. I just hope I manage not to spill wine or food on our new chairs!

3. Sephora Squad: recently the beauty Instagram world blew up with the news that Sephora is launching an influencer program called the Sephora Squad. It’s a paid partnership with Sephora that involves honest content creation, networking, and more. There’s a pretty intense online application, and applicants are encouraged to solicit testimonials to bolster their bid. I decided to apply…I figured what’s the harm in trying? If you have a minute to submit a testimonial for me, I would be super grateful. Thanks in advance for your support!

4. Happy March: My March Bullet Journal spread turned out pretty well, if I may say so myself. Of course, I had to draw some springy flowers because I am sooo over this winter weather. I’m ready for spring and cherry blossom season, which is incredible in DC! And now we actually have a front and back yard with flowering plants!

5. Creamy Turmeric Pasta: this Tuesday marked our one-month anniversary of moving into our home, and Wednesday was our two-year anniversary of moving to DC! To celebrate, on Wednesday I made this delicious pasta for dinner from the New York Times Cooking section. My rendition was more like Clumpy Turmeric Pasta; maybe that was because I used pre-grated Parmesan instead of fresh-grated Parmesan? I’m not really sure why it was so clumpy but it tasted great, regardless. I’ll never complain about eating clumps of cheese! This recipe was quite easy and I’d totally make it again.