1. My obsession with sheet masks is unstoppable. A month or so ago, HauteLook ran a Korean beauty product sale and when I browsed it I came upon this 12-pack of SOO AE sheet masks for $18…so I had to buy it (duh). With tax and shipping I spent $26.08 on a dozen masks, which comes out to $2.17 a pop. I’ve tried SOO AE vitamin and brightening masks in the past and liked them, so I can’t wait to slap these suckers on my face and treat myself!


2. Encyclia Cochleata Orchid Bloom: one of the orchids I recently purchased began blooming this past week, and it’s SO AMAZING. I’ve tried growing this type of orchid before but I killed it (oops + RIP). However, they’re so cool-looking that I decided to  try one again. The one I received in the mail came with flower buds on it, and the first one opened up to reveal an incredible bloom shaped like a five-legged octopus. The second flower just opened up this morning! LOVE.


3. Oncidium orchid blooms: I actually have two orchids in bloom right now! I’ve had this orchid for years and it’s bloomed for me before, but the feeling I get when I finally coax an orchid to re-bloom just never gets old These little blooms are fragrant, too—a little bit rose-scented, in my opinion.


4. Japanese-Style Brown Rice Bowl: I threw this super easy dinner together without a recipe (though I did use one for the homemade dressing). All I did was I cut up carrots, cucumbers, and avocado and put them over brown rice, which you can’t even see in the pic. I also threw in some pre-shelled edamame as well as sesame seeds. I drizzled it all with the homemade dressing and added hummus—my husband’s request—for a hearty, healthy vegetarian dinner. I would actually use a different dressing recipe next time, as the one I used called for olive oil and it ended up tasting out of place in an Asian-inspired dish…but overall it wasn’t bad. A few days after I made this, BlushingBME.com posted a recipe for a similar bowl that also looks great, so I will have to make her version sometime soon!

Apologies for the crappy photo.

5. San Diego Comic-Con 2016 is Coming! Our badges arrived in the mail yesterday, complete with a Walking Dead-branded RFID tag displaying Negan and Lucille. This will be the eighth consecutive year that my husband and I have attended together, and we can’t wait! #NERDLIFE