Cute Lipsticks, Floor Tile, Vintage Bud

1. Pat McGrath Labs LUST: Mini MatteTrance Lipstick Trio: I ordered this adorable trio recently when Sephora was offering Rouge members $25 off a $75 purchase. I got the nude “Skin Show” trio (there’s also a red set called “Colour Blitz”) in the shades Omi, 1995, and Flesh 3. I’ve been wanting to try the brand for awhile but it’s quite expensive so I had held off. But this set was only $25 and with my discount I can rationalize it as getting these for free! The formula is a comfortable matte and the nude shades are lovely. Bonus points for the packaging: a sealed baggie filled with gold sequins.

Yes, those are gold lips around the middle of each tube.

2. Bathroom Floor Tile: we spent a lot of time trying to select tiles for the three full bathrooms we’re renovating in our new home. I’m especially excited about the tile we chose for the floor of one of the smaller bathrooms! We’re mostly sticking with white tones, but we wanted to do something fun on one of the bathroom floors. This is the Porcelain Field Tile in Sketch, found on Wayfair.

3. Vintage Budweiser: John found this old Budweiser can in the ceiling of one of the bathrooms in our new house. It’s a little icky but at the same time it’s super cool and we want to keep it! With the tab top design, it might actually be older than I am. It definitely looks like it’s from the 70s. It’ll be a cool item to display.

4. Wild Ophelia Cold Brew Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Coffee Bites: you know the drill by now…I see pumpkin spice, I buy it. This bag of individually wrapped chocolates was on sale at Whole Foods, I believe for $2.99. These are quite delicious! I would buy them again.

5. Scrub Daddy: I heard about this sponge on an episode of Natch Beaut and when I saw a dye free version at Whole Foods I decided to get one. I was actually looking for steel wool but they didn’t have it, so I figured I’d try this Shark Tank product instead. The sponge is soft in warm water and firm in cool water. In its firm form it didn’t work for the really tough scrub job I needed on a pan with burnt-on oil, but I think it’ll be good for regular dish washing.