1. Daryl Dixon: everyone’s favorite crossbow-toting badass from The Walking Dead! My friend gave me this awesome action figure set that comes with Daryl’s chopper and, of course, his crossbow. We had both been hunting for a Daryl action figure at San Diego Comic-Con last year and were never able to find one. Now I have one of my own and he is WAY too cool to take out of the box!

Daryl2. Strawberry season is coming! I know it’s a little early for these berries—typically they’re in season between June and August—but I saw them at Whole Foods and they looked too good to pass up. I mixed these organic babies in with vanilla Greek yogurt and cereal for a delicious breakfast, but they were also amazing on their own. Very sweet and juicy.

strawberries 3. Dried lavender makes for a lovely, fragrant addition to your home. I bought this bunch at Whole Foods for $6.99 and am displaying it on top of a bookcase. Lavender is excellent for soothing the senses!

Lavender4. Lucky Little Turtle charm: I bought this little guy for $5 at Vroman‘s back in March. I have a bit of a thing for turtles (we even visited the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida back in February during our vacation in the Keys!) so when I saw this guy I had to have him. You’re supposed to put a tiny note inside him and carry him around for good luck.

Turtle_charm5. Andalou Naturals Hand Cream in Lime Blossom. I got this stuff after running out of my previous hand cream, and I love it! I did a little research online before choosing this cream; I picked it because the Skin Deep database rated a couple other similar hand creams from this brand as low hazard (with limited data). Because I ordered online I was gambling on the scent, but it smells amazing. This is the perfect hand cream for me to use at bedtime. It’s thick but absorbs quickly, and it doesn’t irritate my hands, which are sensitive and prone to dyshidrotic eczema, especially when I use certain products. I’m happy to report that my fingers don’t itch after using this hand cream!