1. Vampire Kitten Nail Stickers: I bought these back in July at Comic-Con, and I’m so glad that I remembered to put them on near Halloween. They glow in the dark, so they’re extra fun! The wraps are made by Espionage Cosmetics, and while they don’t seem to offer this specific set anymore they do offer a ton of other nerdy nail wraps, which you can browse the on their website here (I think I NEED these Aurora Borealis wraps in my life!).


2. Cadbury Screme Eggs: despite never having celebrated Easter, I love it when Cadbury Creme Eggs pop up in stores in the springtime. I always buy the Halloween-themed version around this time of year as well. In case you haven’t tried Cadbury Screme Eggs, what makes them Halloween appropriate is that the creme on the inside is a slimy green. So gross, but also so delicious.


3. Carrot Risotto: my husband’s 40th birthday was this past Tuesday, so last weekend I took him out to dinner at Little Park, an Andrew Carmellini restaurant inside the Smyth Hotel in Tribeca. I got the carrot risotto, which was so good I had to share the photo I took of it here! I’m still thinking about this dish, but everything else we ate there was amazing too. The restaurant is veggie friendly while offering plenty of meat and fish if you’re so inclined. I highly recommend the place!


4. Stars Over Bear: speaking of my husband’s birthday, I decided to get him a print of this gorgeous photo that we spotted in an Estes Park gallery called Images of Rocky Mountain National Park while on our recent vacation. The photographer is Erik Stensland, and his images are just so gorgeous!

Photo Credit: Erik Stensland, Images of Rocky Mountain National Park
Photo Credit: Erik Stensland, Images of Rocky Mountain National Park

5. Sweet & Savory Thai Arare Rice Crackers: I bought these snacks from Thrive Market recently, and while they’re not as flavorful as I expected, I figured they were still worth sharing here. They’re crunchy and have a mild sweet and savory flavor, but I don’t get much of a real Thai vibe. However, they make for a good snack when you’re looking for something crunchy and not super filling!