This is the last Friday Five I’ll post from my Park Slope apartment—we’re moving to Windsor Terrace TOMORROW. Sad but exciting!

1. Game of Thrones Mystery Minis, Series 2: I’ve talked about these before, and they are so much fun. This week my husband stopped by our local comic book store and picked up a series two box. Lo and behold, we found ourselves with a tiny Littlefinger! Mr. Petyr Baelish looks appropriately shady. And look at that eensy mockingbird pin! I know I’m going to buy a bunch of these at Comic-Con (which is SOON!). And Funko has announced a Supernatural series of Mystery Minis, so I’ll be buying ALL THE BOXES while I’m there.Littlefinger

2. Which leads me to…San Diego Comic-Con (or, #SDCC2015), which begins two weeks from today! This will be the seventh (!!!) year in a row that my husband and I have gone together. It’s become such a tradition for us that we chose to get married in San Diego right before SDCC started two summers ago. Needless to say, I am super fucking excited. This is our annual nerd vacation and we have a good group of people to go with. I’ve been following all the SDCC news on Twitter and every day brings something new to get excited about. The official schedule is being released daily as of yesterday. Hannibal #Fannibal flash mob? Count me in! (RIP, you crazy beautiful show.) My friend and I already bought Hunter level tickets to a Thursday night Supernatural fan party being thrown by Supernatural Wiki called Carry On My #WaywardCocktails.

What has two thumbs and is ready to geek the fuck out for four days straight?

>>  This gal.  <<

Do expect a verrrry lengthy and extremely geeky post about SDCC when I return.

3. Beauty Lies Truth: I wrote about contributing to this Kickstarter awhile back, and this week I received my backer gift in the mail! They sent me an Au Naturale creme eyeshadow in Addiction ( a pretty greenish-gold) and S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Makeup Remover, which is made with just three ingredients. Fun stuff! I’m looking forward to trying these products and I really appreciate these ladies’ commitment to their #truthbeauty movement!

BLT_gift4. True Detective Season 2: The first season of HBO’s hit miniseries set the bar so incredibly high that it’s going to be almost impossible for the second season to live up to expectations. However, I did enjoy the premiere last Sunday and I LOVE that they’ve included a female lead (um, Regina George Rachel McAdams as a damaged local law enforcement agent? YES). “On Sundays we drink too much and get kicked out of casinos before getting called in on a homicide.” Dan Dority (W. Earl Brown) from Deadwood donning dilapidated duds? We got that too. Also, RIGGINS. The premiere had no “time is a flat circle” weirdness, no insane six-minute tracking shot, and no Green Spaghetti Monster. But, it did have some things going for it: that so-bizarre-it-was-confusing naked lady floating in a bowl of milk, this hilarious line, and a Weekend at Bernie’s element…just to mention a few. Needless to say, I’m curious to see where it all goes.


5. Dunkin Donuts Faux Cronut: I’ve never tried one of the actual Dominique Ansel cronuts because I just don’t get caught up in any of the NYC food mania. This week I stopped into my local DD for an iced coffee after doing some cleaning in our new apartment. While I was there I decided to get a little croissant donut snack, and you know what? It was delicious. I don’t know how it compares to the original cronut, but I’d totally eat one of these again.