1. Mr. Robot‘s Parking Lot: if you watch Mr. Robot, the image below will look very familiar to you. Until recently, I didn’t realize that it’s located near where I exit the subway in Manhattan for my weekly volunteer shift. Last week when I emerged from the F train station at 16th Street and 6th Avenue, the lot was one of the first PokeStops that activated in my Pokemon Go app. So thanks, Pokemon Go, for alerting me to the location of this lot! 🙂


2. Happy Birthday, Walter! This kitty turned seventeen last weekend, and was nice enough to pose for a birthday photo. His age is about equivalent to an 84-year-old human, but you’d never know it—he’s still active and silly as ever. My husband adopted Walter when he was only eight weeks old and he’s the biggest mush ever. We love you, Walter!


3. Sabra Spinach Parmesan Greek Yogurt Dip: I absolutely love Sabra’s other savory yogurt dips but this flavor was new to me when I spotted it in my local grocery store this week. It’s not quite as good as their Tzatziki dip, but it’s still a really good snacking option.


4. I Heart Keenwah Sweet Chili Quinoa Puffs: I bought this bag of crunchy snack puffs yesterday and they are quite tasty, though a little heavy on the spice. I threw my receipt out so I’m actually not sure how much my local grocery charged for this 3 ounce bag, but Amazon charges $8.85…definitely more than I usually spend on a snack like this. I must watch out for the price next time!


5. Brach’s Sea Salt Chocolate Candy Corn:  I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth, but when Easter and Halloween roll around it’s hard for me to resist the candy displays. So, obviously, I had to buy this bag of sweet treats in a new flavor. I thought it sounded kind of weird, but I was also curious. And they’re not bad, but I think I prefer regular candy corn over this sea salt chocolate version.