1. Hill Country BBQ: last Friday my husband and I did a little date night with a friend at this downtown Brooklyn BBQ joint. We went to the location in Chelsea years ago and really liked it, and the food did not disappoint the second time around. The setup is a little confusing—you wait to get seated, but then you go up to the counter and order your food and bring back a booklet showing what you ordered so your server can charge you appropriately. The place is even veggie-friendly; I got mac & cheese (which is amazing), cucumber salad, and cornbread with ancho honey butter. I like to put BBQ sauce on the mac & cheese. Is that weird? Maybe. Do I care? Nope!

Yeah, the crust resting on top of the cornbread makes it look a little vaginal. #sorrynotsorry

2. New Orchids: I got three new orchids in the mail last week using a gift certificate that my in-laws had given me for the holidays last year! I talk more about them over on my orchid blog, but here’s a pic so you can see these pretties (the smallest one was in bloom when it arrived).


3. Nocking Point Coffee: salmon ladder expert Stephen Amell of Arrow (also Casey Jones in TMNT2) has a wine and goods company called Nocking Point, and my friend is a wine club member so she gets wine and other goodies sent to her once a quarter. In her last package she received a bag of coffee beans, but since she doesn’t make coffee at home she gave them to me. I broke into the bag this week…I’m no coffee expert, but I’ve been enjoying the coffee that I’ve been making with these beans from Guatemala!


4. Ghostbusters HQ: This group called BBQ Films puts on immersive pop-up events around NYC and I attended their Ghostbusters HQ event with friends this past Wednesday. There were lots of cosplayers (see Gozer in the upper right pic below), plus props from the film, Ghostbuster vehicles, interactive activities, old school Ghostbusters video games, and of course a screening of the movie. It’s always fun to attend events surrounded by nerds and superfans—it gives me the Comic-Con warm and fuzzies! I don’t love the venue this took place at (Villain in Williamsburg; I’d been there once before) and my friends and I probably should have participated in more activities, but overall we had a good time.


5. Oikos Red Velvet Cake Yogurt: you know my penchant for new yogurt flavors! I’m more of a Chobani and Fage yogurt eater, but when I saw this Oikos in Red Velvet Cake I simply had to try it. I had tried Oikos once before and was put off by the texture, but this one was good enough for me to eat on its own—a rarity for a yogurt!