You guessed it, this week’s Throwback Thursday pic is Seventh Grade Me, circa 1990 or 1991.


Ahh, there are those big red glasses I know and love! Seventh grade was my first year at a school that was all-girls at the time (two years later we merged with the boys’ school that was literally next door). The school had a pretty strict dress code, though it apparently wasn’t strict enough to forbid wearing plain old t-shirts. I guess I thought wearing a t-shirt that matched my glasses would be look nice; at least I tried to jazz things up by rolling up the sleeves a touch. I’m more than likely wearing a plaid pleated skirt with this tee. Fortunately the photo was taken before I got braces later that school year. I clearly attempted to do something with my hair—I guarantee that tiny swoop has a ton of hairspray in it…my baby fine hair has never been one to cooperate.