Happy October! I love Fall, and Halloween is my favorite holiday, so the start of October is always exciting for me. I also love horror movies; even the really shitty, 2-star ones on Netflix usually have some sort of entertainment value (as in, “so bad they’re funny”). Horror-Movies-image-horror-movies-36105567-1503-706I always do enjoy watching a bunch of my favorite horror and Halloween-themed movies around this time every year, but this year I thought I’d take it a step further with a fun little challenge: watch one horror movie every day in October. Doesn’t sound too difficult, right? We’ll see, as I’m traveling to Texas tomorrow and will be there for a few days, so I’ll be starting the month off on a tricky note.

I‘m going to kick off my personal 31 Days of Horror today with A Bay of Blood, the 1971 Mario Bava classic. I’ve never seen this film before, but I do love 70’s Italian horror.


UPDATE #1: Apparently, A Bay of Blood is no longer on Netflix so I’ll be watching The Monster Squad instead (another one I’ve never seen).


The movies I usally watch around Halloween every year are Friday the 13th (the original) and Trick ‘r Treat (an AMAZING, recent Halloween anthology that I highly recommend). Shaun of the Dead is another personal favorite, as are The Evil Dead, Basket Case and Saw. And Suspiria and The Cabin in the Woods. Okay, I could go on about my favorites all day long.  😛 I’ll probably bust some of these out but will also be watching other horror movies for the first time. There are also a bunch of horror movies coming out soon that I’d really like to see (The Green Inferno, Goodnight Mommy, Cooties, and Bloodsucking Bastards), so hopefully I can squeeze at least a couple of those in as well.

I’m not going to post about the challenge here every day, but I’ll be keeping a paper log so that I can post updates on my progress!

UPDATE #2: A friend posted this list of 31 horror movies available on Netflix that you can watch every day this month, so I can use that to help me pick movies to watch!