I’ve been fighting a cold all week and still feel pretty crappy, so I’m going to keep this brief (and BTW, it’s almost entirely St. Louis-related due to my trip home last weekend.)

1. This pretty little Wedgwood Jasperware St. Louis dish was a bridesmaid gift from a close friend of mine many years back when I was in her wedding party. It’s been sitting in my room at my parents’ house, but I decided to bring it back to NYC with me.

photo 1

2. St. Louis Bread Company Pumpkin Spice Latte: this hot beverage is from a company otherwise known as Panera everywhere but St. Louis. I grew up eating at their original location on Manchester Road, and these sandwich shops, no matter where they’re located, will always make me feel at home. Bread Co (as St. Louisans call it) has its own PSL for fall, and it is delicious. Better than Starbucks’ version for sure!photo 2

3. Two Men and a Garden Strawberry Salsa: my mom had a jar of this salsa that she had picked up at a local farmer’s market, and I absolutely loved it so she bought me a jar of my own. It’s made by (obvi) two men based in Fenton, Missouri using ingredients from local farms. Strawberry salsa might sound weird, but it has just the right amount of sweet, savory, and heat.photo 4

4. Mom’s Bedtime Story Tea from The Retrailer: another farmer’s market find. My parents had a bag of this in the pantry so I brewed myself a cup and decided I needed my own bag to bring home. The one thing I find to be annoying is that I couldn’t figure out what the brand’s name was just by looking at the label. Because they only list their URL I read it as There Trailer…haha. The packaging is cute, however, and the tea tastes great so I suppose that’s what’s most important.photo 5

5. eos Sweet Mint Organic Lip Balm Sphere: the only non-St. Louis specific item on today’s FF. I suddenly found myself at the end of several lip balms recently; when I went to Walgreens there were only a couple balms I considered buying that rated low hazard on the EWG Skin Deep database and this is one of them. I just love how cute the packaging is, and the balm feels nice on my lips. A must-have for any lip balm addict/collector!  🙂photo 3