Reformation Gavin Dress | Rent the Runway
A Very NYC Friday Five

Quick note: today is the eighth anniversary of this blog! I’m pretty impressed with myself for keeping it going for so long!

1. Reformation Gavin Dress: last week, I went to Brooklyn for an event for John’s work. I decided to rent this emerald green dress from Rent the Runway, and I ended up absolutely loving it! Unfortunately I didn’t get great photos of myself while wearing it, so this is what you get. 🙂 So many people complimented me on the color…so I will now forever drape myself in emerald. I had never tried Reformation before, but I would definitely rent something from them in the future.

Reformation Gavin Dress | Rent the Runway

2. Beauty Pie Overnight Skin Perfector 2.0: this was a surprise gift that came with my dress rental! I’ve heard of this beauty membership brand but have never tried it. So I’m really looking forward to testing out this product!

BeautyPie Overnight Skin Perfector 2.0

3. Dashing Diva Gloss Nail Stickers: I bought this set of nail decals awhile back and figured they would complement my emerald dress nicely. These are easy to apply and don’t require any UV light to cure them. I’ve been wearing these for nine days now and they’re still going strong!

Dashing Diva Gloss Nail Strips
Let’s pretend I put hand cream on before taking this pic.

4. Glossier Store: while in Brooklyn, I decided to check out the Glossier location on N. 6th Street in Williamsburg. I believe it opened late last year, so it’s still fairly new. This was my first time visiting a Glossier store! The place is super cute, with tons of testers out for shoppers to play with. I bought a tube of their original Balm Dotcom, which I had actually never tried before.

Glossier store, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

5. NYC Slice: our trip coincided with National Pizza Day, so obviously I needed pizza. I got a pepperoni slice from Rosa’s Pizza on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg, and it totally hit the spot.

NYC slice