Beautiful Candles, Pokemon Go 5th Anniversary, and more

1. Otherland Candles: when I spotted these gorgeous new candles on Sephora’s website, I had to have them. The one on the left is called Out of the Blue, and the one on the right is called Ultraviolet. Out of the Blue has notes of blue hydrangea, sheer hyacinth, and water lily, while Ultraviolet has notes of jasmine tea, purple violet, and wild lavender. Both smell SO GOOD. The candles are vegan and made with a soy and coconut wax blend. These jars are such gorgeous works of art; I’ll clean them out and repurpose them once I’ve burned the candles!

Otherland candles

2. Pok√©mon¬†Go 5th Anniversary: I sort of can’t believe I’m still playing this game five years after it launched! The app actually became a huge part of my life when I first began playing, and though I’m not quite as obsessed these days, I do still play every time I go for a walk. The app launched a couple weeks before SDCC in 2016, and it made for an extra fun time at the con because EVERYONE was playing everywhere we went. This adorable Pikachu with anniversary balloons came out this week to commemorate the date. I’ve already caught a whole bunch of them!

Pokémon Go 5th Anniversary Pikachu

3. Pok√©mon Jigsaw Puzzle: speaking of Pok√©mon, I recently ordered this super cute 500-piece puzzle from Target, which took a few days for John & I to assemble. We didn’t even unfold the included poster to reference as we built the puzzle; I was able to rely on my Pok√©mon knowledge to help me figure out a lot of the pieces’ placement. Too cute!

Pokemon Go 500-piece puzzle

4. It’s-It Ice Cream Treat: our neighbors ordered a whole bunch of ice cream sandwiches from this famous San Francisco ice cream shop, and they handed some out during happy hour last Friday. I got this pumpkin one, and it was delicious! They also gave us strawberry, which was tasty as well. These are different from your typical ice cream sandwich in that the cookies are oatmeal, and the whole thing is coated in a thin layer of milk chocolate. I want to try a mint one if they have any left!

It's-It Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwich

5. Cauliflower Rice Bowl with Roasted Tofu: with my most recent Fresh Direct order I decided to try this pre-made veggie “rice” bowl, which came with a soy sauce dressing. My photo isn’t the greatest, but this bowl was really good! It came with some crispy shallots for crunch. I’d definitely order this bowl again.

Fresh Direct cauliflower rice bowl with tofu