1. Bitmoji App: a friend introduced me to this free app about a month or so ago, and I love it. I don’t really blog much about tech; that’s because I’m still somewhat analog compared to many folks these days. I insist on reading actual books (as evidenced by our wall of bookshelves); I still have an iPhone 5 with an outdated OS that I refuse to update; and I don’t get what Snapchat is—nor do I really care. But an app that lets you create a little avatar of yourself (see mine below) and send funny cartoon versions of it to friends? Yes, please! The app even has free theme packs, like Game of Thrones, Terminator, Alice in Wonderland, Inside Out, and more. Why use words when you can express yourself with an overly dramatic “I Can’t Even” or “Yaaasss” Bitmoji of yourself?

photo 3

2. Garbage Pail Kids Mystery Minis! WHAT?! I saw these Funko guys at Barnes & Noble yesterday, but for some inexplicable reason that I’m now regretting, I didn’t buy one. I collected GPK cards like crazy when I was a kid, so the nostalgia factor is obviously strong. Sorry for the terrible pic here, I was just so excited by the discovery! I will be ordering one from Amazon shortly.

photo 1

3. Nice! Sea Salt Caramel Cheesecake Cookies: I saw these at my local Walgreens and didn’t have to think twice about buying a box. I’ve tried their faux Samoas before; they were delicious and so are these babies. YUM.photo 2

4. Whole Weed Challah: we did some shopping at the Gowanus Whole Foods last weekend and when I went to the bakery’s screen where you print out a price label for whatever bread you’ve picked out, I found the below gem. I know WF shoppers are stereotypically crunchy, but this typo takes it to a whole new level.  😛 Oh, and while we were shopping I saw the mom, dad, and daughter from The Wolfpack, which I wrote about in a previous Friday Five! Friday Fives are colliding…


5. Petco So Phresh Odor-Lock Crystals Cat Litter: I’ve just realized that I pretty much only tend to write about things I like in my Friday Five posts. Well, here’s something I don’t like at all. We made the mistake of buying a 30-pound bag of this stuff before trying a smaller bag first, and I hate it. The crystals are mostly too big to get stuck in the litter mats outside the litterboxes, so the cats are tracking giant crystals all over our apartment. Also, this litter is somehow so much louder than other brands we’ve tried. It’s like the SunChips eco-friendly bag of cat litter. The sound of one of the cats digging around in the litterbox actually woke me up the other night. We won’t be buying this stuff again.