1. Stranger Things: I binge-watched this new Netflix show on my own in two days this week and have already begun re-watching it, with my husband this time. I could go on about this show all day, but instead I’ll simply say that if you grew up in the 80s, this show is a must-watch; it’s basically a love letter to all the things so many of us enjoyed as kids. #DustinIsTheNewChunk


2. Eevee: since I began playing Pokemon Go, Eevee has become one of my favorite little pocket monsters. At Comic-Con I kept my eyes peeled for an Eevee stuffed animal (I saw someone carrying one at Nerd HQ), to no avail. So I searched online for an Eevee toy and decided to buy this little figurine on Amazon for about $7. How adorable is she?! I also have a Squirtle on the way. #obsessed


3. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: while I’m not a huge Potterhead (Potterphile?), I read all the books and loved each one. Obviously when this new story came out I had to have it! I purchased my copy at list price at my local bookstore because I like to support them, but you can snag it on Amazon for just $17.98.


4. Turtle Design iPhone Case by Angelique on Zazzle: my current iPhone case is a little worse for the wear, so I ordered myself a super cute replacement. I had a similarly designed case (with cats instead of turtles) for my old phone, so I decided to go with something familiar. My main stipulation for an iPhone case is that it has to be slim—in my opinion, bulky cases defeat the purpose of having a sleek iPhone. How adorable is my new case?!


5. Hard Root Beer: I’ve been wanting to try hard root beer for some time now, and my local grocery store now stocks a couple different kinds. I decided to try Coney Island Brewing Co.‘s version first, and it is delicious! It’s quite sweet so I can’t really drink more than one, but it sure is fun to enjoy a grown-up version of a yummy soda.