1. Twisty the Clown at the Hollywood Bowl: I mentioned that we went to Danny Elfman’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Concert in Los Angeles last weekend, and the seats were filled with people in amazing costumes. But my favorite costume that I saw was this guy who absolutely nailed it with his Twisty costume from American Horror Story: Freakshow, which I just finished watching recently. Terrifyingly well done, sir.


2. The Nightmare Before Christmas Mystery Minis: Yep, Funko makes these too! I just spotted a few at Barnes & Noble yesterday so I bought one, and we got Sally! I was really hoping for Lock, Shock, or Barrel, but they’re all pretty awesome. The only one I wouldn’t have been excited about is Sandy Claws. (There are more than what you see pictured; my InstaCollage cut the others off.  :P)


3. Supernatural Mystery Mini: BOBBY SINGER! Yeah, B&N had some SPN minis too so I picked up another one (my fourth!) and I got Bobby! How cute is he? The only thing he’s missing is a bottle of whiskey. The front edge of his trucker cap brim is all scuffed up, and while that totally makes sense for the character I don’t think a brand new toy is supposed to be like that. BALLS.


4. The Martian: I’ve been hearing about Andy Weir’s book and film adaptation ever since Comic-Con this summer, so of course I had to see what the fuss was all about. I started reading it yesterday and am not too far into it yet, but it’s pretty ingenious. We’ll see if I think it lives up to the hype.


5. A lovely view of Los Angeles from the hills of Glendale: last Sunday my husband and I took a stroll up the steep hills near hear parents’ house to check out the vista. It was a beautiful, clear day so we could see pretty far! Those buildings you see in the distance are downtown LA. What an incredible view.