90s Nostalgia, Survivor, & More

1. Yellowjackets: we’re a little late to this Showtime series, but I had been told it’s right up my alley. Indeed, I am loving it! The 90s nostalgia is S T R O N G in this show, as it revolves around a 1996 plane crash involving a high school girls’ soccer team. (I graduated from high school in 1996 so this show hits hard for me.)

I imagine the pitch went like so: “Lost meets Lord of the Flies, but with high school girls in the 1990s.” The cast is fantastic, particularly the grown-up versions of the crash survivors: Melanie Lynskey, who is always amazing, plus Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci, and Tawny Cypress. This show is dark, sometimes weird, and always pretty fucked up, so of course it’s totally my jam. And the 90s music makes me SO happy. We finished season one last night (great finale!), and I’m already excited for season two.


Image Credit: Showtime

2. Survivor 42: it’s baaaaack! Season 41 wrapped up in December, so it doesn’t feel like we had to wait too long for the next installment; apparently they began filming 42 pretty quickly after 41. It’s wonderful to see that CBS is keeping their promise to cast 50% people of color. In the premiere, some of the game mechanics seemed plug-and-play from season 41, but I’m sure there will be twists based on how 41 played out for production. And they did add a new advantage that I actually think has potential to play out in interesting ways. Can’t wait to see how this new season goes!

Survivor 42 cast
Image Credit: CBS

3. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: this week, John and I did something we haven’t done together in more than two years. We visited a museum together! The Smithsonian’s mask requirement ends today, so I decided to visit one of the museums while masks were still required. We only had limited options for a Wednesday outing, as most of the museums are currently only open Thursday through Sunday. So we visited Natural History. We only stayed for about hour and a half because more people kept flooding in (aside from the limited museum options that day, it was also raining). I didn’t love being in a busy space even with masks, but I’m applauding myself for even trying. And I’m now in love with this Dom Pedro Aquamarine tower from the gemstone and mineral collection.

Dom Pedro Aquamarine

4. Good & Well Supply Candles: I’ve ordered a couple candles from this place before and liked them. So recently I decided to get a couple sampler kits of their mini National Parks candles, along with a full size of their Grand Canyon Dark Sky candle (which smells amazing). I’m keeping track of the mini candle scents I like best so I can order them full sized. I love that this brand makes annual donations to the National Park Foundation and Washington National Park Fund!

Good & Well Supply Candles

5. It Chapter Two Shopkeeper Funko Pop: my sister sent me this little guy as an early birthday gift! She was at a thrift market that had a bunch of Pops, so she sent me a photo and asked me if I spotted any that I liked. I picked out this Stephen King cameo figure from It Chapter Two! He’s now sitting on our shelf of Stephen King books, next to my regular SK Pop. So cute!

It Chapter 2 Shopkeeper Funko Pop