Sephora Holiday Recommendations
Holiday at Sephora and more

1. Sephora Holiday Discount Recommendations: the 20% off Rouge discount has been in effect for a full week now, and VIB members currently get 15% off. Beauty Insiders get 10% off as well. The discount is available through 11/15/21 for multiple uses in-store or online (use code YAYHOLIDAY at checkout). If you’re interested in seeing my suggestions and supporting my blog, you can shop using my Shoplist links. I’ll earn a small commission if you use these links to shop!Sephora Holiday Recommendations

2. I Made Sephora Rouge Again: due to the current holiday discount, I’ve already done one in-store trip and placed two online orders…so I hit Rouge level again for 2022. I’m patting myself on the back but also cringing. 😛

Rouge 2022

3. Starbucks Caramel Brûlée Latte: I got my first holiday beverage of the season last weekend! I had to run an errand at a strip mall, which of course had a Starbucks. So I placed an order on the app and ran in to grab my drink, then took an obligatory car selfie before driving home. Yum!

Caramel Brulee Latte season

4. Pizza Hut: we’ve had Emmy Squared’s Detroit-style pizza a couple times recently, but it’s the only place I had tried this pizza style. While on our road trip we kept seeing TV commercials for Pizza Hut’s Detroit pizza, so last weekend I decided to order one. I cannot remember the last time I had Pizza Hut, but I ate plenty of their traditional style pizza as a kid. Their Detroit pizza is fine, unsurprisingly not nearly as flavorful as Emmy Squared’s. The crust is actually a little lighter, too. I had low expectations for this pizza and it was perfectly edible but nothing I need to order again.

Pizza Hut Detroit pizza

5. Pumpkin Danish: a couple weekends ago I bought this beautiful danish from a bakery at the local farmers’ market. It tasted as good as it looked! Their seasonal offerings always change, but if I ever see this again I will buy another one.

Pumpkin danish