Gemstones from a rock shop
Road Trip Souvenirs

This post doesn’t even cover everything I bought on our vacation, but it includes most of the fun stuff that I got to treat myself.  🙂

1. Pretty Crystals: it’s hard for me to resist crystals when I see them! I bought a bunch on our trip: two small ones at Becca Rose in Olde Mistick Village, and two larger stones plus a smaller one at The Rock & Art Shop in Bar Harbor. Clockwise from top left: rainbow moonstone, sodalite, labradorite with purple flash, lepidolite with tourmaline, and a garnierite palm stone. The labradorite is a smaller chunk of stone like the gorgeous one that John got me for my birthday this year, and I love it.

Gemstones from a rock shop

2. Oracle & Tarot Cards: I had been interested in both of these decks, so when I spotted them at Becca Rose I of course grabbed them. The Enchanted Blossoms Empowerment Oracle artwork is gorgeous, and The Halloween Tarot cards are so cute!

Enchanted Blossoms oracle cards + Halloween Tarot

3. Planchatte Enamel Pin: an impulse purchase from Becca Rose. This is a Bees Knees Industries design, and it’s adorable! Ouija boards are creepy as hell, but there’s nothing creepy about this kitty planchette pin.

Planchatte enamel pin

4. Carrabassett Coffee Company Blueberry Cobbler Coffee: I bought this bag of ground beans when I went to Black Fly Coffee in Bar Harbor to grab an espresso. I also got a bag of Carrabassett Backdraft Roast, which I forgot to photograph. I’ve already gone through the blueberry cobbler, and it was delicious! I’m really enjoying the dark and smokey Backdraft as well. I would order coffee from this Maine roaster’s online shop!

Carrabassett Coffee Company Blueberry Cobbler coffee

5. Touristy Souvenirs: when I travel, I have to add to my shot glass collection! I sometimes look for the most ridiculous ones I can find. My first purchase of the trip was a cute turtle shot glass from the Mystic Aquarium gift shop. While shopping in Bar Harbor I bought a whimsical lobster Bar Harbor shot glass and, of course, an Acadia National Park shot glass. Since we saw a few light houses, I got a little Maine-themed ornament for our holiday tree. And a cute Maine magnet for my small magnet collection as well.

Vacation shot glasses, ornament, magnet