Halloween Week!

1. Halloween Party Makeup: last weekend I went to a crime scene-themed Halloween party. I was tasked to dress as the murderer (we also had a victim, a detective, a medical examiner, and a cop), but I’m super lazy about costumes so I just did fun makeup. I’m really happy with how it turned out! Makeup details are in this Instagram post.

Halloween party makeup

2. Kiss Halloween Nail Stickers: I spotted these at CVS the other day and bought them immediately. They’re not as easy to apply as Sally Hansen stickers because the material is thicker, but they’re so damn cute. And the packaging didn’t even mention this, but they’re glow-in-the-dark!!

Kiss Halloween Nail Stickers

3. Spooky Edible Hand: one of last weekend’s party organizers created this super creepy edible hand. How amazing is this?! It’s cream cheese covered in prosciutto. So impressive!

Spooky edible hand

4. Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bread: I recently bought a box of this bread mix and baked it yesterday. It’s super easy and all you need to add is a cup of water, two eggs, and a half cup of vegetable oil. It turned out great…and tastes delicious!

Trader Joe's pumpkin bread

5. Thrive Market Organic Pumpkin Spice Coffee [paid link]: this coffee is so yummy! You know I basically buy anything pumpkin I can get my hands on, so of course I included this flavored coffee in my most recent Thrive Market order. I would absolutely buy this again.

Thrive Market pumpkin coffee