1. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. Netflix returned to Camp Firewood to bring us eight half-hour episodes of this cult comedy classic film. I’ve only seen six episodes thus far and it started off just okay but has gotten better as it’s gone along. The weird humor is out in full force, and Talking Can of Vegetables even has an origin story. I’m so impressed by the fact that they were able to get the entire original cast—and then some—for this series, A-listers and all. My favorite moment thus far? When Donna Berman (Lake Bell) gives Coop (Michael Showalter) a gift, wrapped Hollywood style, and this exchange happens:

Coop: “What an odd way to wrap a present.”

Donna: “It’s easier for multiple takes.”

2. Hannibal: “Digestivo.” Sadly, this disgustingly beautiful show has been canceled by NBC due to low ratings, but at least we Fannibals still have some new episodes left before the show ends on August 29 (for now…at Comic-Con showrunner Bryan Fuller said they could potentially do a movie). I was catching up on the show last weekend and was absolutely blown away by the crazy fucked-up-ness of season three, episode seven (also featuring Glenn Fleshler, whom I’ve written about before). They do shit on this show you’d never see anywhere else—it would even be surprising on premium cable. If you are into horror and weirdness but haven’t watched Hannibal yet, DO IT NOW. I command you.


3. Red Dragon: watching Hannibal‘s third season inspired me to re-read Thomas Harris’s first foray into this world, because the show introduces Francis Dolarhyde (played by Richard Armitage) in episode eight. I can’t remember when I first read the book—either in high school or in college—and I had forgotten just how disturbing it is. But the writing is so good that when the story gets around to explaining why Dolarhyde Became, you actually feel horrible for the poor little boy who would turn out to be The Great Red Dragon. Fun Fact: William Blake’s The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun is housed at Brooklyn Museum…but unfortunately it’s not on display.


4. Oh yes, another Funko Mystery Mini! This time it’s my first from the brand new Supernatural series, which I ordered from Amazon because I haven’t seen it in stores yet. And I got Castiel! So now I have two Cas’s sitting side by side on a bookshelf.photo 3

5.  Taylor Mac: The 20th Century Abridged. Last Saturday my husband and I went to Celebrate Brooklyn! for this show, and it was incredible. Taylor Mac was bawdy and foul-mouthed, which is not something you typically see at one of these shows, so of course I loved it. The show involved audience participation, a gaggle of local burlesque entertainers (including Jonny Porkpie!) stripping down to their pasties , and a rousing performance by the Brooklyn United Marching Band. Oh, and everyone in the audience slow danced with nearby strangers. I’m in love with my photo below, in which you really can’t see Taylor Mac at all but the glaring light makes him look like some sort of religious figure.