1. Deadpool 2: John and I saw this movie last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I liked it just as much as the first one, which is not always the case with sequels. It’s raunchy and gory and filled with pop culture references and meta commentary…so basically, it’s exactly my kind of movie. If you make a Goonies reference, you have my heart. Plus, the movie contains what is quite possibly the best celebrity cameo of all time.

2. Yards Park: we hung out in the Navy Yard neighborhood last Friday evening to kick off Memorial Day weekend. It was a beautiful night, with a free concert on the boardwalk, so the area was hopping. I’m a sucker for a waterfront view.

3. Fancy Radish: this upscale vegetable-centric restaurant opened on H Street near us a couple months ago and we finally checked it out over the long weekend. The menu consists of small plates so we ordered five and shared them. Everything was really good, but I think my favorite was the first dish we tried: the Chiogga Beet Picnic (pictured). The beets were covered in a BBQ vinaigrette and served with a Brussels sprout slaw, cucumber ranch, and pumpernickel toast. We also really loved the Stuffed Avocado, and my mezcal cocktail (the “New Tattoo”) was great as well. I want to go back and try more dishes because I would literally eat anything on the menu, which is rare.

4. Sugarpova Sassy Sour Gummies: I spotted this bag of sweet and sour gummies on sale at my local grocery store so it became an impulse buy. Seems odd for Maria Sharapova to have a candy company, but apparently she’s a candy lover. I wouldn’t say there’s anything extraordinary about these gummies but I did enjoy them…especially the watermelons.

5. This Fuckin’ Thing: I get so excited every time Pokémon Go releases new monsters for us to catch! To celebrate the release of Pokémon Quest for the Ninendo Switch, they released this extra-tall “Alolan” form of Exeggutor in the app. Basically, it’s a giraffe-like version of the Pokémon that I like to call Egg Monster. One of them showed up in our apartment yesterday so I had to take a screen shot before catching it. I had a hard time getting the whole thing on my iPhone screen!