The Social Dilemma poster
First October 2020 Friday Five

1. The Social Dilemma: this new Netflix documentary should be required viewing for every American. It features many people involved in the early days of social media who now think the technology is destroying the fabric of our society. They discuss how big tech companies like Facebook and Google are monetizing human beings, and how disinformation has proliferated on social media, polarizing and destabilizing us. And more. Please take the time to watch this film. I’m a little ashamed to say I haven’t even deleted FB after watching it, though I removed some apps from my phone and put time limits on others. It’s a start.

The Social Dilemma poster
Image credit: Netflix

2. Spooky Face Masks: with this morning’s news, it feels like a good time to remind everyone to wear a mask! My friend Shannon from a beauty community I’m a part of makes face masks, and she always finds the cutest fabrics. I already got a Baby Yoda mask from her, which I love; more recently, I ordered these two adorably spooky masks, along with two cute masks for John. The masks fit super well and have adjustable straps; she also includes a flexible metal strip that you can insert into the top of the mask to make it fit better around your nose. There’s also room for a filter or paper towel in between the top and bottom layers if you want extra filtration. LOVE. If you’re interested in checking out her available fabrics, visit @starwhale75 on Instagram and watch her “Masks Fabrics” Story archive. She’s been posting pics of her recently finished masks on her page, too.

Spooky face masks
FWIW, my skin color is drastically different in these two pics purely due to lighting and however my phone decided to balance the colors. I’m not wearing any makeup in either shot.

3. Pumpkin Pie Smashmallows: I’m pretty sure I’ve bought these before, but I had to try them again. They’re delicious! I love marshmallows and pumpkin spice flavors, therefore these are basically my new favorite snack.

Pumpkin Pie Smashmallows

4. Grilled Pizza with Homemade Dough: last weekend we grilled pizza again, but this time I made dough from scratch! I used this recipe from King Arthur Baking (but I halved it because we only needed two pizzas) and their Pizza Flour Blend. I forgot to brush the dough with olive oil before adding toppings, but overall the pizzas turned out pretty well! We took some notes so we can try to improve the pizzas next time.

Grilled pizza with mushrooms

5. This Sunset: Sunday night showed off this spectacular sunset. In person, there was almost a Northern Lights kind of effect. Nature!