Baby Yoda gif
Baby Yoda Frenzy, Bullet Journal, Vintage Shelfie

1. Baby Yoda: if you haven’t heard of this adorable little nugget, you’re living under the biggest rock known to humankind. Disney+ somehow managed to keep the biggest secret of its new Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, under wraps before release. And when The Child that we’re all calling Baby Yoda made its (his?) first appearance, we all died of cuteness. Funko announced they’re coming out with Baby Yoda Pops next May, and I’ve already pre-ordered one. I CAN’T WAIT TO HAVE  MY VERY OWN.

Baby Yoda gif

2. December Bullet Journal Spread: my spread for this month turned out okay. My Christmas tree looks a little wonky, but that’s ok. I still enjoy sitting down and creating these every month!

December Bullet Journal Spread

3. National Arboretum: my father-in-law came to DC for Thanksgiving week, and one day we had nice weather so we took him to the arboretum. John and I had yet to visit the place! We went later in the day and it started to get chilly, so we didn’t stay too long. But the Capitol Columns are truly a sight to behold. And the bonsai exhibit is gorgeous! I bet the spring is a fantastic time to visit.

National Arboretum

4. Vintage Shelfie: I went to St. Louis to visit my family for Thanksgiving (John needed to stay here for work, which is why his dad came here). While at home, I spent awhile going through boxes of old photos in my closet…and I came across this shot of my bathroom counter, probably from 1991-ish. It’s like my original shelfie! I love that you can see what products I was using back when I was s 13 or 14. As you can tell, I was very into Clinique at the time; their 3-step skin care system (bar soap, toner, lotion) was very popular. I also loooooved their gifts with purchase. And check out that bowl of bath beads!

Vintage shelfie

5. Clue: while at home, I busted out our vintage box of Clue and played a couple games with my nieces. They’ve played it before, but not on a vintage edition like this! Ours is probably from the 80s and is missing the knife. I’m pretty amazed that the rest of the pieces have survived. I always loved this game (and the movie is a classic!), so it was fun to play with my nieces.