A Mostly St. Louis-Related List

1. Happy 4th of July: I hope you all enjoyed a happy and safe holiday! John and I went to a rooftop party with incredible views of the fireworks on the National Mall. It’s been years since I’ve had such a front-row experience of a major fireworks display, and it was amazing! It was SO FUCKING HOT and humid out, so that was pretty miserable…but the fireworks were well worth it.

2. Herry Monster: my favorite childhood photo of myself is a kindergarten photo in which I’m clutching a ratty old Herry Monster from Sesame Street. My original Herry is long gone, so when I spotted a Funko Pop version at Awesome Con last year I immediately bought one. Last weekend when I traveled to St. Louis, my parents gave me a brand new stuffed Herry Monster! He’s my new little buddy and I love him very much. Yes, I just turned 40 and no, I’m not ashamed to love a stuffed animal.  🙂

3. St. Louis Coaster: another birthday gift is this cute coaster that my friend gave me last weekend (along with a couple turtle gifts for our turtle knicknack collection!). I love the iconic Arch on the coaster! And the Fly TWA…classic STL. Ah, those were the days when Lambert International Airport was a TWA hub and you could actually get pretty cheap flights to St. Louis.  🙂 This coaster has now replaced a grubby old Game of Thrones coaster on my desk.

4. Kakao Chocolate: one of my friends brought this lovely box of St. Louis-made chocolate to my birthday party last weekend. My mom has bought chocolates from this small batch place before and they are so delicious! I’m trying not to gobble them all up immediately, but it’s difficult because they’re so damn good.

5. Mom’s Blooming Orchids: my mom has a few orchids in bloom right now so I documented them for my orchid blog. And I wanted to share them here too because they’re so beautiful! Le sigh…someday, some of my own orchids will bloom again.