Apparently there’s this thing that some bloggers do called the Friday Five, where they post five of their favorite things from the past week. I’ll go ahead and jump on the bandwagon—I figure it’s a good a reason as any to get me to post here regularly.  🙂

Here goes nothing…

1. Spicy Coconut Rice Noodles with Kale and Basil—my first ever dish from Plated, and my favorite of the three dishes we made from our delivery this week. (Though I totally burned the coconut flakes that were supposed to garnish the noodles…#cookingfail.)

Noodles2. The fragrance of my new Dendrobium Kingianum orchid that I purchased at the New York Botanical Garden’s gift shop on Orchid Show Member Preview Day last Friday. I could bottle this scent and wear it every day!


3. The completed Watchmen cross stitch that I made as a surprise for my husband (using a pattern purchased at CloudsFactory. He loves it! Now I need to get this thing stretched and framed.).


4. A “health” pillar candle that I bought at the Gowanus Whole Foods near our apartment, which takes me back to the days of practicing Wicca in the mid/late 90s (yeah…The Craft. I know.). I forget what brand this candle is, but it smells lovely and comes with an incantation to say as you light the candle and focus your energy on it. “I believe in the healing powers of the universe and its ability to restore health. May these powers guide me to a state of complete well-being.”


5. Speaking of health, my fifth thing is the Cynthia Rowley composition notebook that I use daily to log my meals and track how my gut is feeling. I started logging this info last fall when I was having a lot of gastrointestinal distress and was ultimately diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Now that I’m on medication and feeling normal I’m still using this log every day. It’s become a habit, and it’ll come in handy if I start having symptoms again. I enjoy writing in this super cute book every day; I like it so much I bought another one to use when this one fills up!


Happy Friday, all!