Various Things From A Weekend Away

1. Crystals! Last weekend, John and I went to Northampton, Massachusetts for a wedding. I hadn’t realized that the town is home to Smith College, so college-y shops line its Main Street. You know what I’m talking about: hippie dippie stores, shoe stores selling Birkenstocks, falafel and burrito joints, etc. When we walked by InSpirit Crystals I just HAD to stop in. I’m the biggest sucker for stores like this! The place reminded me of a store I used to shop at all the time in college: Crystal Blue in Atlanta’s Little Five Points. I ended up buying a couple small stones and a candle, but I could have spent all day and a whole lot more money there.

2. Hotel Northampton: we stayed at this historic hotel, which was where the wedding reception took place. Our room had a sunroom plus an indoor patio overlooking the lobby atrium. It was super cute! I couldn’t get enough of our view of the lobby and all of its greenery.

3. Smith College Botanic Garden: speaking of greenery…turns out that Smith College has a lovely botanic garden on campus, including a conservatory containing an orchid collection! We had a lot of time to kill before our flight home so we spent some time at the botanic garden. It made this orchid nerd very happy! If you want to see more photos, I check out the post I wrote about it on my orchid blog, Brooklyn Orchids.

4. Blueberry Muffin & Cheesecake Pop! [paid link] Another fun shop we visited in Northampton was Newbury Comics, a small New England chain. It was one of the first stores I noticed on the drive into town. I couldn’t wait to check it out because they had a big sign on the window advertising Funko Pops! And you know how I feel about those. They literally had an entire wall of Pops! and I was beside myself with joy. I completely turn into a child while browsing all the fun toys. I picked out a couple as gifts, and when I saw that Funko now makes a Strawberry Shortcake line I had to have one. They didn’t have Strawberry Shortcake herself so I selected Blueberry Muffin and Cheesecake. They’re SCENTED, just like the original toys! O M G!

5. Pizza Socks [paid link]: I also got these HotSox at Newbury Comics becuase 1) I love pizza and 2) I love ridiculous socks. It’s like HotSox made these JUST FOR ME.